Meet the Board Amid the Pines: Leah Crowley


Martha Greco, News Editor

    A parent, volunteer, and school board member, Leah Crowley does it all. One of the three returning Board members from the previous cycle, Crowley was motivated to run through her work as a PTA President, running club coach, and child abuse prevention puppet show volunteer which got her into over 40 different schools.  

    “Being in different schools either through coaching or the puppet show I started seeing disparities,” Crowley said. “Some schools would be decked out floor to ceiling with technology and other schools had nothing. Some schools had four playgrounds and other schools had none. I started noticing those kinds of things and then the more I volunteered at schools and realized the schools that my kids were going to weren’t really being represented at the school board level.”

    Crowley’s advocacy for representation and respect of all schools has already begun in her previous term with the creation of the equity plan which entails visiting every WSFCS school. 

    “We’re doing a huge facility audit right now where we hired a firm to go to every single school building and rate what is there,” Crowley said. “Everything from the lockers to the bathrooms to the lighting to the playground or ball fields, the art rooms, the music rooms, all of it.”

    As a Reynolds parent, Crowley continues to remain active on campus even with her busy schedule, whether that’s helping at Campus Clean Up or a staff breakfast. Nevertheless, as a way to relax from her volunteering and board duties, Crowley is an avid piano player, runner, and baker.

    “I love to play Mendelssohn or Beethoven,” Crowley said. “I also like to run and I’ve run three marathons. I enjoy baking which supports my running habit.” 

    Most importantly Crowley emphasizes keeping an open mind and trying new things as she enters her second term on the board.