Meet the Board Amid the Pines: Alex Bohannon


Martha Greco, News Editor

    Creating policies to help students, staff, and community members also while making history is not something new for Alex Bohannon. As Bohannon enters his second term as a school board member he still remains the youngest WSFCS board member ever to serve. Bohannon uses this unique quality to help him relate to the current students. 

    “I became the youngest member to ever serve on the board, so I joined the board when I was 26,” Bohannon said. “I think having been the only board member who went to school in the 21st century is a pretty good thing because I’m not so far removed.”

    Bohannon’s age not only represents himself but an entire generation of parents whose voices were not previously on the board.

    “There was a lack of representation from the millennial generation,” Bohannon said. “Not having that generation on the board at all seemed so ridiculous because that is the generation who are becoming the majority of our parents. It’s extremely important that some of our leaders are sharing those lived experiences.”

    Inspired to run after returning to his alma mater Parkland High School, Bohannon noticed many of his former teachers had left due to challenges and lack of support. Bohannon took this upon himself to make sure students are able to form connections with their teachers while educators have enough reinforcement from the system.

    “I want every student to have the experience of having at least one educator who they can look back on during their time when they are adults and can say this educator changed my life,” Bohannon said.  “The way in which we allow those relationships to form is when we provide teachers with what they need so they have the time, energy, and effort to do that.”

    As Bohannon begins his second term on the board he reminds everyone to show kindness to all in order to change the world.