A Reynolds role model


Kennedy Clary, Staff Writer

    It’s half time, the cold October air is crisp and everyone’s a little cold, but curious. You can hear the intercom speakers announcing the homecoming court one by one as they all strut out onto the field. Now that they’re all lined up, it’s time for the moment we have all been waiting for. Who will win? 

    As soon as she hears the announcers call out “A” she knows she did it. Addison Truzy has won. She had two feelings in that first moment; One was ‘Thank you God!’… The other thought was simply, ‘Wow.’      

    She couldn’t believe it! She had not only won Queen of Compassion but Homecoming Queen as well. She is the first young lady to win both crowns in our 100 year history. A fitting accomplishment seeing as this year is our Centennial Celebration.

    “[it] is an incredible honor,” Addison Truzy said. “To be able to represent my school with two big titles such as these is not something to be taken lightly.” 

    She definitely didn’t take it lightly, she even took the process very seriously. She worked so hard and the ones closest to her had a front row seat to the results of her determination.  

     “I was proud of my sister because she worked hard for it,” Addison’s brother and freshman Ethan Truzy said. 

    Queen of Compassion is awarded when the recipient raises the most money for whatever needs the school has for the year. This year, contestants raised money for our school’s courtyards. 

    While Queen of Compassion is determined by a fundraiser, Homecoming Queen is determined by a vote by the student body. Nominees have an extensive campaign process that allows students to get to know each candidate; from posters to a showing at the homecoming pep-rally.

    Truzy’s mom and dad had been helping her campaign throughout. Her dad created a spreadsheet for all her donations for Queen of Compassion. Her mother on the other hand was helping her with her central image as an inclusive role model for the school. That only continued on the night of the Homecoming football game when Truzy won.

     “My mom ran out on the field.” Evan Truzy said. 

     Once the initial shock wore off, she was thankful for all of the support. Members from her church and her family helped her by donating money to the fundraiser for the courtyard. During her campaign her friends reposted her photos and made videos for her campaign.

    “For Homecoming Queen my friends really showed up and showed out,” A. Truzy said 

    She also was glad she was able to represent her school and her family. One way she tried to represent her family was through the color of her dress. From the beginning Truzy’s family had been a part of the process. It was only fitting that her dress would also have deep ties to her family’s story.    

    “It was pink and I knew I could represent my family members who passed away and survived breast cancer.”

    Addison worked so hard for everything she has earned throughout all four years of her high school career and she will continue to be unstoppable throughout the rest of her life.