RJ Reynolds’ homecoming brings back Demon pride

Benton Sullivan, Staff Writer

    Reynolds High School’s Homecoming celebration was one for the books. Not only is this the 100th Anniversary of our school but this year’s homecoming was also Reynolds first homecoming since COVID; making it the place everyone wanted to be. 

    “This year we took more time into the details of planning the pep rally. We have a homecoming dance this year,” Foods and Nutrition teacher Phillip Boyd said. “More time also allowed us to include a homecoming king in the lineup this year. In years past we have not had a homecoming king but this year because we have more planning and more student input, I was able to sit down with the team and find out a way to implement a homecoming king.”

    Students and Faculty alike were thrilled to experience a homecoming and have a sense of school-pride. The homecoming team of both volunteers and students put in numerous hours to make the homecoming as unique and inclusive as possible. 

    “We didn’t want this to be like prom,” Boyd said. “We wanted an atmosphere where students can come and just be them, have fun, no formal dress code, loud music, light 360 camera, and make memories!”

    The spirit week boosted morale throughout the school, and brought festive fun to all students and staff as people enjoyed seeing each other’s spirit week outfits. 

    “I enjoyed anything-but-a-backpack day because it was entertaining,” sophomore Cole Hunt said.“It was fun to see everyone’s creative backpacks.”

    This year’s homecoming made students feel as if we were bringing our community back together. While we were back in person last year, most students felt that it was anything but normal. 

    With most people being vaccinated and no mask mandates, the hallways and sporting events are finally starting to feel like they used to.  

    “I think it’s nice to have everybody back, and seeing everyone walking around makes Reynolds feel more like a family again,” RJR Rowdies Co-President Kate Wattleworth said. “It’s nice to see that community we don’t see every week.” 

    Students were released during 4th period to attend the pep rally. Many students were thrilled to see the energy and school spirit flowing through the gym.

    “The boots and football team made everyone hype,” JROTC member Romeo Hernandez said. “It was cool seeing everyone and their school spirit.”

     The pep rally was the perfect way to end a day full of fun, spirit, and more demon pride than our school has seen in years! This year’s homecoming is going to be hard to top, but as long as the Demons are taking pride in our school, each year’s homecoming will get better and better.