Demons Dance the Night Away


Photo provided by Sofia Domenech

Students enjoying the atmosphere of the homecoming dance

Sofia Domenech, Staff Writer

After being packed into the main gym to watch for the afternoon pep-rally, followed by the infamous rowdy rave of a football game, it’s finally time for what everyone has been waiting for: the Homecoming dance. Walking into the Auxiliary Gym, the scene is sensational: the flashing lights, loud blaring music, and large groups of dancing demons. The party had just begun.

“I feel this year is one special moment after another and I am ALL IN for that,” PTSA President Stephanie Kennedy said. “The school and PTSA has been very intentional to celebrate the 100th in many ways.” 

After the Homecoming dance faded out over the years, Kennedy and her team worked hard to bring it back for the students. The team worked hard to give demons an exciting spirit week, energized lunch celebrations, waving club banners, the tailgate, and the football game. 

“I think it’s great that RJR is starting to do more fun events such as a homecoming dance,” Junior Neriah Hooper said, “The DJ had a good selection of songs and the cake was great as well. It was nice to have a fun dancing school event other than something like prom which is usually more expensive!”

PTSA’s goal of Homecoming this year was to be affordable, allowing all students access to the event. They kept the tickets at a low price and had the dance after the football game, which takes out the stress of finding that special outfit that is normally so costly. 

The atmosphere of the dance was full of energy, students gathered in front of the DJ booth, ready for the next song on the playlist, anticipating the beat to drop. The music brought everyone together through line dances and trendy tik tok songs, creating a mosh pit. 

“My favorite part about the dance [was] the diversity of the music,” Senior Hope Martin said. It’s [was] fun to be able to dance and sing along to so many different types of songs.” 

The dance was  a fun celebration that brought every grade together, which included everyone to be a part of the 100th year celebration. 

“The dance was a lot of fun and I got to take 360 pictures which were really cool.” Freshman Kate Yarborough said, “I really enjoyed the dance and I would be super excited for them to do another one.”  

Staff, students, and parents alike don’t want this dance to just be in honor of Reynold’s Centennial Celebrations. All of the school community is hopeful that the Homecoming dance will become a longstanding tradition that helps make Reynolds the place where everyone wants to be.