Clubs at Reynolds

Allison Boyd, Sports Editor

Academic Support Club

Reese Reyes presenting Academic Support Club

“The academic support club helps with maintaining a high GPA and increasing confidence in test taking [using] peer tutoring or study groups and you can accumulate points that can be redeemed for gift cards.”

Quote by: Reese Reyes


Anime Club

Isabel Caldera presenting Anime Club


“We watch anime, express how we feel about it, give our opinions, sometimes we’ll even make our own characters…one of my favorites was we kind of made our own characters and anime. Usually, we’ll watch anime or bring in snacks [and] depending on how much time we have we’ll get like one or two episodes in.”

Quote by: Isabel Caldera




Art Club

Abigail McCarthy presenting Art Club

“We don’t want it to feel like a class so we allow it to be student-run so which means the students pick all their own projects. We try to make whatever activities we are doing flexible…we try to come up with projects where any medium can work.”

Quote by: Abigail McCarthy


American Sign Language (ASL) Club

Grace Payton presenting ASL Club


“We mostly just play games involving charades and things like that because you don’t have to know ASL to be in the club but it immerses you into a new community you might not have been a part of before.”

Quote by: Grace Payton





Creative Writing Club

Max Peterson presenting Creative Writing Club

“[Creative writing club] is a club where you write from prompts, short stories, long stories [and] you can bounce ideas off of people. We collab with other clubs sometimes, like last year we did the art club and photography, it was a lot of fun.”

Quote by: Max Peterson


Debate Club

Mariah Moore presenting Debate Club


“The debate club [is] specifically focusing on developing the skills of speech, debate, public advocacy; it’s a club for the moment because we are training everyone who’s going to be joining speech and debate. Next year we are going to evolve into a team but right now we’re just recruiting people who feel like they can’t publicly speak or don’t know what rhetoric even is just to train them to get better and more confident.”

Quote by: Mariah Moore




Demon Service Team

Lissa Diaz presenting Demon Service Team

“The Demon Service team…basically provides diverse service opportunities for our students. We mostly focus on earth, environmental stuff so we do cleanups…we [also] did a nursing home visit and helped spread easter eggs.”

Quote by: Lissa Diaz


Diverse Inclusive Demons (D.I.D.)


“D.I.D. club is and we get to spread inclusivity. We also work with the Special Olympics and help bring inclusivity into schools and around the community. People should join because it’s a great way to get involved in the community and be inclusive.”

Quote by: Chayenne Hughes




Drama Club

Nyasa Smith presenting Drama Club

“It’s a great way to meet people, we do anything and everything involved with theater. We have parties, fundraisers which we can all be a part of.”

Quote by: Nyasa Smith


Ebony Society

Danielle Moody and MaKenzie McMahan presenting Ebony Society


“Anyone who is down to support minorities at Reynolds should join Ebony Society. We are here to support the minority women of Reynolds and everything that can help them we are just here as a support system.”

Quote by: Danielle Moody





Fluffy Friends in Need

Jillian Laurienti and Kate Bridges presenting Fluffy Friends

“Our club is about volunteering and helping animals at the humane society. Just making toys for them and doing little organizations to help our fluffy friends. We are also going to donate cat and dog food to the humane society as well.”

Quote by: Kate Bridges


French Club (24)

Katie Cockman (left), Frances Turner, and Kaeleigh Brenner (right) presenting French Club


“[People should join French Club] because it’s a fun environment where you get to speak French and be immersed in the French culture.”

Quote by: Katie Cockman






Girls Council (GC)

Mary Price Holmes and Emelia Merrick presenting Girls Council

“GC is an all-girls service club and it’s basically a service group where we get together and do a bunch of different service opportunities. We do things like make presents for the teachers for Christmas or Valentine’s Day [and] we do campus cleanups. One of my favorite things that we do is make period packs of pads and tampons, and we give them to student services so that people who don’t have access or can’t afford [them] can just go in and get one.”

Quote by: Mary Price Holmes


GSA Club (Gay Straight Alliance)

Zoe Dye and Jacob Byrum presenting Gay Straight Alliance Club


“The GSA club is more than anything just a safe space for all identities, all straight people, all queer people, just everyone coming together and having a fun time. People should join it because it’s going to be a great community!”

Quote by: Zoe Dye






Hunter Safety Club

Kennedy Clary presenting Hunter Safety Club

“Hunter safety is about learning all the safe ways to use weapons and finding your way in the woods. We go to a tournament every year to show off our skills and compete against other schools.”

Quote by: Kennedy Clary



Yarixel Reyes, Lissa Diaz, Jose Morales, Harold Perez, and Hayden Sexton representing JROTC


“JROTC is not only a really educational and discipline-based program but it also helps you figure out what you want to do when you’re done with high school. For example colleges, applications, scholarships, and the workforce. We help you figure out the larger picture.”

Quote by: Yarixel Reyes






Key Club

Will Mensh and Andrew Adams presenting Key Club

“Key Club is a service club at Reynolds that heavily participates in service in school and out of school. Key club would be a great club to join because the community is accepting, there [are] plenty of service hour opportunities and who doesn’t like helping the community?”

Quote by: Andrew Adams


Latin Club

Ben Gardner and Jada Boles presenting Latin Club


“Latin club is shorthand for the Junior Classical League which is a national thing about Greek and Roman history and culture. By joining you’ll have a chance to get a scholarship and visit colleges around the country.”

Quote by: Jada Bowles and Ben Gardner





Lit City U

Ejay Chandler and Justin Williamson presenting Lit City U

“Our aim is to build [relationships] with students, to talk about real-life issues from culture to politics to what’s going on in the world [and] what’s going on inside of Winston.”

Quote by: Ejay Chandler


Metaphysical Club

Mikayla Hopwood presenting Metaphysical Club


“It’s all about finding your inner self, healing yourself, and learning more about astrology or herbs and teas, how they can help you physically and mentally. I think people should join it if they are open to new ideas and learning about new things. It’s going to be a very open, safe space for anybody who comes in. Everyone will be welcome!”

Quote by: Mikayla Hopwood





Mixed Music Club

Paul Gunter and Luke Cambell presenting Mixed Music Club

“Mixed music club is a place for all music appreciators and music players to get together and not only play music but also talk about music and rehearse.”

Quote by: Paul Gunter


National Honor Society

Addison Truzy and Deshiah Gentry presenting National Honors Society

“National Honor Society is a club where you’re able to be celebrated for your academics as well as your community service with other people who are like you. You should definitely join because it’s a great thing to be on your college application, it’s a great way to get involved in the community, as well as have more community service opportunities.”

Quote by: Addison Truzy





National Technical Honor Society

Raven Waters presenting National Technical Honors Society

“National Technical Honor Society is an honor society for people who have taken CCE classes. It looks good on your college applications and it’s just a way to meet other CCE students to help you figure out which one to do in life after high school.”

Quote by: Raven Waters


Photo Club

Maizie Wilmoth and Angus Rasmussen presenting Photo Club

“Photo club is a group of students that enjoy photography and in past years it’s been after school and they go out and around the campus taking pictures of each other and the landscape of campus.”

Quote by: Angus Rasmussen






RJR Friends of the Arts (FARTS)

Bella Clayton presenting RJR Farts

“RJR Farts is a club for any kind of creative, especially niche creatives to find a place and community within the arts. I’m a filmmaker so I don’t really have a place within Reynolds so I thought I would create a space for even people that do like makeup or cake making, stuff like that.”

Quote by: Bella Clayton


RJR Fencing Club

Dakota Garriott presenting Fencing Club

“It serves as an opportunity for people who want to get into the sport. We are pretty flexible with the schedules, [and] even though we are only a club sport here, we do compete in a varsity league with other schools so you can get that for like college applications.”

Quote by: Dakota Garriott







RJR Makers Club

Sydney Moser presenting Makers Club

“This club is a student maker space for projects. We are going to be working with 3D printers, different electrical circuits.”

Quote by: Sydney Moser


Ronald McDonald House Club (RMH)

Ashley Russ presenting Ronald McDonald House Club

“The Ronald McDonald House club is through the Ronald McDonald House in Winston Salem. In a normal year, we can make food at the house for the people staying there but since covid, we have just been doing drives and stuff. It’s just a way to help out the people living at the Ronald McDonald House!”

Quote by: Mary Foster





Senior Girls Service Club (SGSC)

Emma Gray presenting SGSC

“SGSC is Senior Girls Service Club although it’s not only for seniors, all girls can join. Basically, we just mix service and fun and help out the community.”

Quote by: Emma Gray


Spanish Club

“Spanish club is a club where you can just explore the Spanish culture beyond your regular Spanish class and it allows you to do more hands-on activities for Spanish.”

Quote by: Ann Cooper Cannon






Young Democrats

Reese Robinson presenting Young Democrats Club

“It’s a club where young people can get involved in politics. We are going to have some guest speakers who have worked on various campaigns [and] discussions about politics.”

Quote by: Reese Robinson

*Not Featured: Teenage Republicans Club, Ducks Unlimited Club, and FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America)