Olivia Kühner: The Person Behind The Ball


Photo provided by Robert Hill

Kühner lines up to take a shot and score a goal for her team

Charlie Stoter, Staff Writer

Senior Olivia Kühner has played a substantial role in the Reynolds sports department throughout her four years here. She has contributed countless hours of hard work, dedication and commitment to the soccer program and to the R. J. Reynolds community. Kühner’s drive and passion for sports has allowed her to pave a sizable future for herself. 

Kühner’s love for soccer started at a young age. Her mom’s love for the sport drew her in and she has loved it ever since. Her love for the sport has continued out of enjoyment, making memories and ultimately having fun.

“I got involved in soccer because of my mom and her love for the sport,” Kühner said. “Soccer is something I’ve done since I was five and I’ve always loved it.”

Kühner participates in club soccer outside of school but high school soccer is different. It creates an atmosphere that is focused on playing for your team. Along the way, high school sports has allowed Kühner to become a part of the Reynolds community.

“High school soccer is geared towards doing well for your school and having fun,” Kühner said. “It’s also a great opportunity to meet people at school and get involved.”

Soccer is just a small part of who Olivia Kühner is. In addition to soccer, Kühner is a part of National Honors Society, Tri-M Honors Society, Math Honors Society, Eco Club and Reynolds basketball. Kühner upholds a constant juggling act between her extracurricular activities.

“The largest obstacle I’ve had to face at RJR in sports is maintaining playing two sports at once,” Kühner said. “Basketball and high school soccer don’t coincide as much, but I end up missing a lot of preseason soccer stuff to make basketball.”

Kühner got to where she is today with the help of many people. One of those people being her mom. Leane Kühner is not just a loving and supportive mom, she is a tremendous coach that’s aided her daughters’ success. 

“The most influential person during my time at RJR is probably my mother,” Kühner said. “She has inspired me to do so much in my life and has been my rock through all of my life, not just during high school.”

Soccer has not only paved a future for Kühner, it has provided stability and improvement when it comes to mental health. This environment has created a space for Kühner to be who she is. 

“Mentally, soccer has always been able to improve my mood,” Kühner said. “Whenever I have a bad day, playing always seems to make me feel better.”

For Kühner and many others, graduation is coming quicker than expected. With the thought of moving on to college, Kühher reflects on her time here at Reynolds. 

“I think the thing I will miss most when I graduate are the people I go to class with and the teachers,” Kühner said. “Reynolds has a really good community and a lot of devoted teachers, and we are lucky to have them.” 

Sports may end for some people in high school but this isn’t the case for Kühner. She has accepted a scholarship to play soccer at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio starting in the fall of 2022. Kühner will also continue her academic career by studying Biochemistry at Wittenberg University.