How Simon will tackle the future


Photo provided by Robert Hill photography

Duncan Brown, Staff Writer

Simon Fagade is a senior football player here at Reynolds High School. Fagade is a hard working and determined leader on and off the field. 

“Football has definitely been a positive effect in my life, it has taught me a lot of things, and has opened a bunch of opportunities for me,” Fagade said. “It has taught me a bunch of life lessons.”

Simon’s journey started off on the wrong foot when he was denied the ability to play his freshman year due to his transfer from Mount Tabor High School but this did not stop his passion for football. 

Although Reynolds football has left Simon with many memories, he noted that his most memorable was the game against Orange high school. 

“Definitely Sophomore year, we were playing Orange highschool, the score was 60-21 going into half time and we were losing badly,” Fagade said. “Third quarter comes in, and we don’t score, but they don’t score either. Fourth quarter we come back and win that game.” 

When it comes to pushing himself, Simon is on top of it. He believes he is his own motivator and his parents seem to agree. 

“My parents say to me all the time that I am self motivated, and they don’t need to give me extra pushes, and that comes through football,” Fagade said. 

Being a motivated student-athlete has helped push Simon to be the person he is today. It has crafted him through hard work and leadership.

Even though Reynolds has had an inconsistent coaching staff, Simon said that one coach in particular has been there with him the whole time.

“Coach Crowley has definitely been a role model for me these last 3 years,” Fagade said. “He has taught me to be a better person.” 

Fagade has learned many valuable lessons here at Reynolds. Through playing football, he has built leadership skills and memories, overall affecting many different aspects of his life. He has had an interesting journey here to Reynolds but has made the most out of his 3 years here. 

Fagade plans to attend college after highschool and pursue studies in medicine. The future is bright for Fagade and it will be great to see the skills he has learned through playing football here at Reynolds in his life.