Caroline Bumgarner: The Future of Tennis


Photo provided by Caroline Bumgarner

Tariana Williams, Staff Writer

Senior Caroline Bumgarner always had a love for playing sports but nothing stuck to her the way tennis did. 

“When I was little I played lots of sports,” Bumgarner said. “As I got older tennis became my favorite so I stuck with it and started playing more.”

Tennis has not only impacted her physical health, but has also helped Bumgarner emotionally as it provided a nurturing and exciting environment for her for the past four years. 

“It has been a good escape for me,” Bumgarner said. “It’s been a good way to get away from stress and have fun with friends. It’s taught me a lot about perseverance and has shown me how hard work can pay off.” 

Reynolds has been lucky to have Bumgarner, not only as a student but as a team player too. 

“I am in Girls Council, Photography Club, Ronald Mcdonald House Club, and Crosby Scholars,” said Bumgarner. “It can be fun, but I have learned to find the right balance. Over the past couple of months, I have mostly focused on tennis.”

Photo provided by Caroline Bumgarner

The RJ Reynolds tennis team has accomplished a lot this season. Bumgarner was chosen as a  captain of the team. 

“It was a different experience than past years, being a captain,” Bumgarner said. “This was my first year. It was a great experience because I was able to get even closer with the team.” 

Bumgarner represented the team well. She and her partner, senior Lia Blackard, won the conference tournament for doubles.

“It was very rewarding and special with it being my senior year,” Bumgarner said “It was a great way to end the season.” 

Bumgarner’s talent and shine will be missed among the tennis team and her fellow club members as she plans her future. 

“I am not going to play in college,” Bumgarner said. “But I may try and play club tennis.” 

Bumgarner is excited for what’s to come but she will miss the memorable friends and teammates she gained while playing tennis.