G.O. Club


Photo provided by Chase Kuhn

Joseph Vargas, Staff Writer

Pokemon Go is a free augmented reality mobile game that was created by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo. The game combines gaming and the real world, where players can go out and explore the outdoors and create a social network of friends. Players  seek the thrill of a lifetime in pursuit of finding new pokemon to add to their collection, because you have to  “Catch ‘em all!”

Whether you’re an avid card collector, anime lover, or a Pikachu stan, everyone has heard about pokemon at least once or twice. Pokemon Go, originally released during the summer of  2016. The initial hype has worn off for many of the early fans, however there is still a devoted following, especially at Reynolds High school, even getting its own student run club for the game called G.O Club!

“I like playing Pokemon Go because it motivates me to be outdoors and provides me with an opportunity to collaborate with friends and create new ones,” Pokemon Go club president, Grayson Russell said.
To help keep things interesting within the game there are  special events held by Niantic where special  versions of certain pokemon can be caught for only a limited time. Sometimes the characters in the game even wear special costumes, because who doesn’t want a pikachu with a sunflower hat and a pair of sunglasses? They also host community days which are events that feature a specific Pokémon that appear at a higher rate than other Pokémon over a specific time frame per timezone. With this, the G.O Club organizes meetups outside of school with their members to catch these special types of pokemons that come from the events. 

“I like being in Pokemon Go club because I get to hang out with my friends while doing various physical activities,” Ellis Barskdale, Creative Director of the club, said. “It is the best club ever.” 

G.O Club is a new club at Reynolds that continues to grow in popularity. It is a club that gets people active and moving around and allows people to explore new places that they have never been to. Joining the club  is a great way to meet new people and friends who enjoy the world of Pokemon!