Dear Spartans, Love Demons


Photo provided by Lia Blackard

Caroline McConnico, Managing Editor

Dear Spartans, this isn’t a typical love letter. A typical love letter would stem from true love, when in reality, we really pretend to hate you most of the time. We spray paint your rock when you aren’t looking. We pick on you online, demanding we are the better school in comment sections. We pack your stadium, dressed up in our black and gold, screaming at you from across the field, “the Demons vs. the Spartans” printed on our tickets.

On Wednesday Sept. 1, 2021, the unthinkable happened, not only to Mt. Tabor High School but to our entire WSFCS community. Here at Reynolds, we didn’t know what to do. Sitting in our classrooms, staring at our phones, we braced for the worst. Friends made phone calls, teachers checked emails, boyfriends and girlfriends texted what they thought would be their goodbyes. 

In those minutes, it didn’t matter who had won the last football game. It didn’t matter who said what at that party or who had more school spirit. The only thing that mattered to us was the safety of our Spartan family. 

Rivalries aside, Reynolds and Tabor will forever be intertwined. We go to the same parties, we run in the same crowds, and even date one another. Most of us actually grew up together, having attended the same elementary or middle schools. We might have gone to the same cotillion classes, attended the same churches, or played YMCA basketball on the same team when we were eight. Some of us even live in the same neighborhoods. 

As Reynolds students, faculty, and parents, you have our love and support. Our thoughts, prayers, and desire for change. We reject the versus most acquainted with our schools’ names and welcome a world where we continuously show how much we care for one another. No more the Demons vs. the Spartans. From now on, it’s the Demons and the Spartans.  


With all the love one demon can muster, 


Your Reynolds Family