Senior Feature: Caroline Kindsvater


Photo provided by Caroline Kindsvater

Kathleen Hale, Social Media Coordinator

Caroline Kindsvater may be a familiar name to you. Since freshman year, now senior, Kindsvater has been extremely involved in both the R.J. Reynolds High School community and greater Winston-Salem community. 

She was a star athlete and was part of the Reynolds women’s cross country team 9th through 11th grade. Kindsvater also played for a team at Champion Volleyball Club as a freshman and sophomore. Additionally, she has volunteered her time all four years to coach various sports teams in the YMCA league, focusing on soccer primarily, with the addition of a basketball team her junior year. Not only has Kindsvater loved participating in sports as an athlete,and coach but as a fan as well. 

Memories from the last four years that she looks back fondly on include, “going to football games… and sports games,” in general. 

As far as clubs go, Kindsvater has not shied away from that aspect of high school extracurriculars either. Mainly community service based, the clubs here at Reynolds that she has been a member of include Girls Council and Ronald McDonald House Club, which she also helped co-found and is the president of. Additionally she has been a part of National Honors Society. 

In her time off in the summers, Kindsvater kept herself busy volunteering at NOMAD Farms Camp in Tobaccoville, teaching about sustainable farming practices, the summers of 11th and 12th grade. She also stayed closer to home and worked at Kilwins during the summer before her junior year. 

Kindsvater has also been on the Pine Whispers newspaper staff as a staff writer since junior year. She has been very important to the staff, always bringing creative new story ideas and we will miss her very much next year. 

Other classes that have been very notable for Kindsvater include AP US History with Mr. John Clevenger, here at Reynolds and AP Lang at Career Center with Mr. Present.

“I loved Mr Clevenger’s class because of all the stories he told us and how he made learning a fun experience,” Kindsvater said. “I loved Mr Present’s class because of how he challenged us and the topics we covered were very applicable to current day.” 

Throughout the past four years Kindsvater has grown and learned a lot. Not only textbook knowledge but life skills as well. 

“My advice for younger students would be to get involved in everything they can and to try their hardest in all their classes and make good relationships with their teachers!” Kindsvater said. 

Kindsvater will miss RJR but is looking forward to continuing her academic career at Appalachian State University in the fall where she plans to study Nutrition and Wellness. Congratulations Caroline!