Laura Doughton is a Gamecock!


Photo provided by Laura Doughton

Mary Catherine Colo, Staff Writer

Laura Doughton has definitely taken full advantage of her four years at Reynolds. Doughton has played soccer for three years and is a captain of the girl’s volleyball team. She is a member of the all girls service club, Girls Council and a member of the math and science academic team. She has also been an Editor in Chief for Pine Whispers over the past two years. 

Doughton loved playing on the volleyball team and will miss the welcoming atmosphere. 

“I met some of my closest friends at volleyball and I’ll miss that a lot,” Doughton said. 

One of those close friends is Jane Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald recalls Doughton as the “ultimate team mom,” saying she always has everyone’s needs and interests in mind. 

“Laura’s level headedness and ability to reason with difficult situations is unmatched,” Fitzgerald said. “She always knew what was going on and made sure everyone knew what they were supposed to be doing.”

Outside of her life at Reynolds, Doughton loves to hang out with her friends, go hiking and bake. 

“I’m always down to try a new recipe,” Doughton said.  

Doughton is sad to leave highschool behind and will miss the amazing teachers and friends she met at Reynolds. 

“Reynolds is a community that fosters friendships and I will always be thankful for the friends that Reynolds has given me,” Doughton said.

Next fall Doughton plans on attending the honors program at the University of South Carolina where she wants to major in political science. 

“I chose USC because I wanted to go somewhere unfamiliar. I think a huge part of the college experience is getting to discover a new place and I’m excited to see everything that Columbia has to offer,” she said. 

Politics are particularly interesting to Doughton, driving her motivation to pursue a career in public policy or managing political campaigns.