Black and Gold Update and Advertisement


Photo provided by Sophie Cronan

Mary Catherine Colo, Staff Writer

The Reynolds yearbook, the Black and Gold, has always been a key component in saving the memory of each year here at RJR. The pages of the Black and Gold are filled with photos and captions from RJR’s clubs, sports, arts, classes and student and staff life. 

This year has obviously been more difficult to capture, because of the unusual circumstances. 

“The most challenging part of the yearbook this year is gathering enough content to create a full book,” junior staff member Sophie Cronan said. “In years past, although it is a lot of work, there is a timeline the yearbook follows. This year we don’t have the same events as years past, or even in person classes, so we have to be extremely creative and think of new ideas and concepts to add to the yearbook.”. 

The yearbook staff is finding more ways to reach out to students including through social media, email, as well as through teachers. An example of this would be google forms the yearbook staff creates, that they then send to teachers. From there, teachers are able to share the forms with their classes. This method allows the staff to get in contact with a lot more people than they would through email and social media alone. 

The staff is more than excited to show everyone the yearbook this year. 

“I can’t wait to show everyone the creativity and new ideas we put into this year’s pages,” sophomore staff member Grace Bridges said.

Bridges also said she is optimistic about the outcome of this year’s yearbook, and credits the senior members on the staff for their guidance on how to put together a memorable book.