North Carolina Decides


Photo provided by Rhino Times

Bo Dalrymple, Managing Editor

There is no question this year has been unique in all aspects of life but especially for the increased amount of social and political activism witnessed in the past few months. Americans throughout this long and rather challenging year have been preparing for the November 3 General Election, which saw record-breaking voter turnout. 

North Carolina — a greatly important swing state nationally — saw incredible turnout rates when compared to recent General Elections. This year, 74.6% of eligible voters in North Carolina had their voices heard, with unparalleled numbers of early-voting and voting by mail.     

Election season as we know it has come and gone. No longer are the days of driving by medians and sidewalks littered with red and blue political signs covering Presidents to State Secretaries, Appellate Judges to Commissioners of Labor. Yet, many are curious who will represent them in the following years to come and what types of changes this will bring to their respective communities.

While North Carolina is still counting votes and has not yet determined the outcomes of some elections such, many have already been called by the state and major news outlets. Follow along for the winners of national and local races accepted thus far. Be sure as well to check out our past stories covering various local races and the platforms of candidates in their respective races.

Most of those in Forsyth County found themselves voting in the US House of Representatives District 6 where Democrat Kathy Manning was elected, joining four other Democrats and eight Republicans to represent North Carolina in the lower house of the national legislature.

The entire state took part in electing Republican Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, who will work alongside re-elected Democratic Governor Roy Cooper.

In the State Senate races, District 31 which includes parts of Forsyth and Davie County elected Republican Joyce Krawiec, while District 32 covering Forsyth County saw Democrat Paul Lowe Jr. elected. In the State House of Representatives races, District 72 elected Democrat Amber Baker while District 74 elected Republican Jeff Zenger.

For the NC Court of Appeals seats up for election, North Carolina elected all Republicans. This included April Wood to seat four, Fred Gore to seat five, Chris Dillon to seat six, Jeffrey Carpenter to seat seven and Jefferson Griffin to seat thirteen. Additionally, North Carolinians elected all Republicans for the NC Supreme Court, including newly appointed Supreme Court Chief Paul Newby, and justices Phil Berger Jr. and Tamara Barringer. 

Locally, Forsyth County gave NC District Court Judge District 21 Seat 8 to Democrat Whit Davis over Mike Silver in what appeared to be one of the most anticipated races in the area. Additionally, incumbent Republican Forsyth County Board of Commissioners David Plyler, Gloria Wisenhunt and Richard Linville were all re-elected. In one of the most lopsided contests on the ballot, incumbent Democratic Mayor Allen Joines was re-elected.

While we do not entirely know what the future of this great state and country will look like, it is important that we as citizens remain engaged and informed of the democratic processes and hold candidates for public office accountable as they best represent our interests.