NC House of Representatives: District 74


Photo provided by Bo Dalrymple

Bo Dalrymple, Managing Editor

A member of the lower chamber of the General Assembly of North Carolina representing western Forsyth County. It works alongside the governor to create laws and establish a state budget, with responsibilities that include passing bills on public policy matters, setting levels for state spending, raising and lowering taxes, and voting to uphold or override gubernatorial vetoes. The race for district 74 is between Dan Besse (Democratic Party) and Jeff Zenger (Republican Party).


Jeff Zenger:

Education– Supports school choice and flexibility for students and parents in pursuing education. Economy– Will work hard to find solutions to reopen our economy, while still taking reasonable measures to keep our community safe and healthy. Public Safety– Will fight for initiatives that foster communication and collaboration to build trust between our communities and law enforcement; points to the ‘certain inalienable rights’ Americans have to owning guns, and opposes the defunding of police. Healthcare– Will advocate for innovative solutions such as association health plans that put the individual consumer in control and remove costly and inefficient government-led plans.


Dan Besse:

Education– Will work hard for better pay and respect for our teachers and funding to meet the needs of all our students. Economy– Will work to promote policies and programs that grow jobs with good pay, benefits, security, and opportunity to advance. Healthcare– Believes government must do all they can to ensure that everyone in NC is covered by good health care plans that they can afford; supports the Affordable Care Act. Environment– Believes NC must ensure that public health and environmental protection agencies receive the funding and support they need to test for, monitor, and require cleanup of emerging toxic threats to our water supplies and our air; supports developing NC’s ‘vast’ potential for clean, renewable energy sources, especially solar and wind.




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