US House of Representatives: District 6


Photo provided by Bo Dalrymple

Bo Dalrymple, Managing Editor

A member of the lower house of the United States Congress, representing North Carolina — the counties of Guilford and Forsyth — as a national legislator. The race is between Kathy Manning (Democratic Party) and Lee Haywood (Republican Party).


Lee Haywood: 

Public Safety- Will make sure our law enforcement agencies are fully funded and will fight any attempt by those who wish to reduce their numbers or diminish the protection they provide. Economic Development– Will work to reduce and eliminate unnecessary government regulations that hinder growth in the private sector and create opportunity zones in our district to extend low interest loans and grants to businesses that need help recovering from the COVID-19. Education– Will work to open the education system, enabling parents to send their children to the school of their choice. National Debt– Will make the elimination of deficit spending his number one priority. Immigration– Supports the completion of the wall at our southern border and making naturalization to our country fair to those legal immigrants who wish to become American citizens.


Kathy Manning: 

Public Safety– Supports ​police reform to ban chokeholds and no knock warrants, create a national police database, establish national standards for policing, annual evaluation and training for officers; supports comprehensive background checks, red flag laws, banning bump stocks and high capacity magazines. Economic Development– Will ensure taxpayer dollars go toward supporting jobs in the United States and supports additional PPP loans being made available to small, minority and female owned businesses. Education– Will increase Title I funding, and investments in school infrastructure, while fighting to increase the availability of vocational and technical education; supports finding ways to make higher education more affordable for all families. Healthcare– Will defend the Affordable Care Act and support Medicaid negotiating prescription drug prices to bring down the cost of prescription drugs. Environment– Will work to ensure North Carolina continues its leadership in renewable energy technology and will help incentivize companies to shift toward more sustainable and cleaner power supplies. Women’s Rights– Will fight to protect women’s reproductive rights and ensure equal economic opportunities for women and girls, including equal pay for equal work, affordable and quality child care, and access to paid family leave.




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