Winston-Salem Mayor


Photo provided by Bo Dalrymple

Bo Dalrymple, Managing Editor

The Mayor presides at City Council meetings and officially represents the City at special ceremonies and events. The Mayor is generally responsible for the execution of local laws in Winston-Salem. The race for Winston-Salem is between Allen Joines (Democratic Party) and Kris McCann (Republican Party).


Kris McCann:

Economy– Believes the proposed budget of 2020-2021 should be reconfigured to allow money to flow directly to aid small businesses, specifically bond money in which business owners can receive financial assistance from the city. Public Safety– Stands in support with local law enforcement and emergency first responders, and believes law and order is needed for any great city to thrive; does not support the defunding of police, and believes that local law enforcement and sheriffs should be working with the federal government and ICE. 


Allen Joines:

Economy– Hope to continue to create good jobs for our residents in seven specific sectors including financial services, medical, bio-tech, design, logistics, advanced manufacturing and travel and tourism as well as create a culture that supports entrepreneurship; hopes to retain existing jobs and expand our job and tax base, reduce the level of poverty citywide with an emphasis on those areas of high poverty and continue revitalizing efforts in East Winston and communities of color. Public Safety– Hopes to continue to reduce the city’s crime rate, and ensure key road and highway projects stay on track, and our public transportation system remains viable. Other Priorities– Demonstrating leadership that brings our city together to get things done, improving our environment, and being a mayor that stays connected to the community.




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