Student athletes: quarantine edition


Isabella Garner, Managing Editor

Imagine going to the first football game of the season while everyone is cheering their way into a warm welcome back to RJ Reynolds High School. Coronavirus has taken that opportunity away for students and more specifically, student athletes. Fortunately corona has not stood in the way of many athletes staying in shape, in hopes of a somewhat normal fall sports season. Many sports have their seasons cancelled or postponed, football being one of them. As of now, the football season seems to be taking place in February. To senior Jonathan Guyton, staying in shape during the off season is very important, even when quartutine affects athletics. 

“Staying in shape was one of my main priorities,” Guyton said. “Not even just trying to stay in shape, I was really trying to get better, faster, and smarter.” 

Coach Reeves, the Reynolds football defensive coordinator, also adds that the coaches have sent them workouts to push them into getting ready for the season.

“We sent out workouts daily during the spring and our guys did a great job of staying active and building strength,” Reeves said. 

During a pandemic, finding motivation to stay healthy and active can be a challenge for a lot of people but Guyton finds it easy to stay motivated as an athlete. He has continued to workout by running, lifting weights and participating in explosive workouts to make sure he will be in shape for the football season to come. There are a couple factors that fuel him to stay motivated. 

“For me I don’t think it’s hard to stay motivated because as a player, you should always be trying to get better no matter how good you are,” Guyton added. “For Reynolds football we should always be motivated especially with having a chip on our shoulder. We have something to prove to everyone.”   

Reeves mentions that the boys on the team push one another to be the best version of themselves. 

“Our team has great leaders and we believe this group of young men will achieve something special this year,” Reeves said. “Football is bigger than just football season. It’s about being with your brothers and motivating each other to be the best you can be. Being in the best shape is a lifestyle decision not based solely on football.”

Coronavirus seems to be no bother to the Reynolds football team and the coaches seem to have the utmost confidence in their boys. 

“Our guys push each other to be great daily in all that we do,” Reeves said. “These relationships aren’t “quarantined” to the football field. This team stays motivated. These trying times don’t change that.”

The boys will continue to stay motivated for the upcoming demon season in February.