North Carolina voting informational


Shai Kim-Shapiro, Staff Writer

Voting is an amazing opportunity for you to make your voice heard. It is a right that many throughout history have laid down their lives to protect, but still, according to the U.S. Census, only 46.1% of voters aged 18-29 exercised this right in 2016. Make sure you vote during the election.

All of this is  meaningless if you aren’t registered to vote, so the first step is to make sure you’re registered. It is always a good idea to double check, even if you think you are registered. Visit or simply search “voter registration nc,” and click the “check registration” option. There you can enter your first and last name to make sure you’re registered. Additionally, if you are registered you’ll be able to get a sample ballot, to make sure you know who or what you’re voting for. You can also get information about polling stations in your area. 

If you are not registered to vote, then you can register online, over the mail, or on site at an early voting polling station; information about the specific procedures can be found here:

One question on everybody’s mind this upcoming election is how should or can you vote during the global pandemic. There are two important things you should know. First, if you are uncomfortable with voting in person, you can now vote by mail with no excuse necessary. That option is open to everyone. 

Mail-in ballots need to be requested by October 27th, but you shouldn’t procrastinate. First you need to request an absentee ballot; you can do so via this link From there you fill out and sign the request form and return the form to the online portal. More detailed description of the procedure can be found through this link:

The other thing that is important to note is that the state of North Carolina has laid out safety procedures to make sure in-person voting is as safe as it can be. These requirements include ensuring social distancing with barriers and marking, frequent sanitation, requiring face coverings for election workers and providing face coverings for voters who do not bring one. Voters however will not be required to wear a face mask to vote. 

One way you can vote in person while further reducing your worry about coronavirus and avoiding long lines, is by early voting. You would also be able to register on site as long as you have some form of photo identification. Early voting will be  available from October 15th to the 31st. It is important to note, however, that not all voting sites are open for early voting. You can find early voting sites in your county here: You aren’t required to vote at a specific polling station for early voting; you can vote anywhere. Some early voting sites in Forsyth county are Forsyth County Board of Elections Office, Miller Park Recreation Center, and The WSSU Anderson Center. 

It’s absolutely paramount that you get out and vote. Tell your friends and family to follow the simple steps so they can also do their civic duty. 

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