Competitions and connections; cancelled for now


Allison Boyd, Staff Writer

Covid-19 has completely changed the world of athletics as it has taken its destructive course, completely disrupting everyone’s lives. Many athletes thought that by the time August came around everything would go back to normal with preseasons and preparations for the season. As the summer progressed the North Carolina High School Athletic Association and the governor continued to push back the start of sports. Just recently they have decided and created guidelines as well as an altered schedule to allow sports to happen.

Right now the district is not allowing any equipment to be used,” Athletic Director Bradley Fisher explained about the current rules around sports. “All conditioning workouts must take place outside.”  

The new schedule consists of each sport having around a two month season. This allows for most sports to happen in a shorter amount of time. Unfortunately for some two sport athletes in this adjusted calendar their sports fall into the same season. 

There isn’t a reason for someone to have to pick one sport over another,” coach Fisher said. “This year is unlike any other and everyone involved knows that we need our kids playing on all the teams they want or can. Communication, time management, and proper planning can make it happen for kids to play multiple sports.”  

Even with the odd circumstances, Fisher is passionate about making sure kids don’t have to choose between two sports they love. Athletes also have been finding it challenging to connect as a team. For many students, especially freshman and summit sophomores, fall preseason is a great way for them to meet people and get involved before the year even starts. 

“I think covid has made it a little more difficult for me to introduce myself into a new athletics program,”sophomore and new student Allie Roehm said. “I haven’t been able to meet many other players or coaches, and we haven’t been able to bond as much as a team yet.”  

It could make sports more challenging because of how important a team bond is. Teammates need to be able to trust one another and work well together which is hard to establish when teammates aren’t allowed within six feet of one another. 

“It has made it harder to bond as a team because we haven’t been able to have the team dinners or breakfast like we used to,” senior Kate Quadland said. “Hopefully we will eventually be able to safely.”  

Not only is this affecting new students, it is also really tough for seniors. Many seniors were looking forward to being leaders of their teams and their last seasons. Now it has all been shortened. 

“It’s sad having this be my last season and it being my senior year because the season will be a lot shorter,” Quadland commented on her senior season being cut short. “I love all the girls on this team and I wish it could last longer.” 

Despite the circumstances, teams have been forced to get creative with ways to workout and stay in shape while still following Covid-19 guidelines. It is even more important for people to come back in shape and ready for the season because of how short everything is. 

“Our coach, Katie Powers, has been organizing zoom workouts and sending workout schedules for us to complete from home,” Roehm commented on what her volleyball team is doing to make the most of the situation. 

Covid-19 has proved to be very unpredictable. While currently sports are supposed to start up in November, everything seems to be changing quickly. Athletes are having to keep their fingers crossed about whether the current schedule will stay the same.

We should receive guidance this week on how the schedule will hold up,” coach Fisher commented. “If people would wear masks and socially distance, we may be able to begin here in November.”  

Overall Covid-19 has had a large impact on athlete’s lives. Everything changed so fast and it is all new circumstances. 

“It’s depressing for them and frustrating,” coach Fisher said about the overall effects Covid-19 has had on athletes. “But I’ve found the kids to have shown a lot of  resiliency. They know that our coaches love them and will do what they can to make this as memorable as possible.” 

This year is going to be a memorable one for sure. Despite all the changes, athletes are looking to make the best of the situation and are determined to keep a positive attitude no matter what happens.