Five tips and tricks for surviving high school: online edition


Laura Doughton, Editor-in-Chief

High school poses its own unique set of challenges for students. From navigating social situations to managing the demanding workload of classes, students are often thrown into the deep end at the beginning of freshman year and expected to find their own way to thrive. The trials and tribulations of high school can be daunting, and online school doesn’t alleviate any of the stress. 

Being in high school is hard enough as is, and virtual school doesn’t help to ease any of the problems students face. Below are five tips and tricks to survive online school.


1. Communicate with your teachers

Online learning makes it much harder to communicate with your teachers. It is often difficult to ask questions in class and get clarification. Don’t let this deter you from asking for help. Message your teachers when you need help or have questions. Not only does this allow you to get the help you need, but it shows you teachers that you are actively working and paying attention to their class. Not being able to talk face to face with your teachers can make asking for help nerve wracking, but the more effort you make, the more comfortable you’ll feel.  

2. Find a friend in each class

Even if you know no one in your classes, find someone you can contact when you need to. Having a friend in class will make things easier. Have questions about what’s for homework? Ask a friend. Missed a section of the notes? Ask a friend. Need help studying for an upcoming quiz or test? Ask a friend. Not only can your friends help hold you accountable for your work in class, but they will also give you a social outlet, which is something that is hard to come by with online school. 

3. Wake up at least 30 minutes before your first class

When you don’t have to physically go to school, it is tempting to stay in bed until five minutes before class starts. This may seem appealing, but wearing the same pajamas to class every day with messy bed head gets monotonous for you and your Zoom classes. Try to wake up and actually get up at least 30 minutes before class. This way you have plenty of time to eat something for breakfast, put on clothes for the day, and make sure you are ready for class. If you don’t typically eat breakfast, try to drink at least one glass of water before class to help wake up. 

4. Write down assignments

With everything online, it is easy to have assignments be forgotten by accident. Try to write assignments down in a planner or on a piece of paper. This way you have a physical record of what needs to be accomplished each day, and as an added plus, it feels great to get to cross things off once they are completed.  

5. Find time to be active during the day

With the structure of online school, you can easily just stay sitting all day in one spot. Between classes you work on assignments or check your phone and when you are in class you are staring at your computer. Find time during the day to get up and move around. Give your brain a break from the screens and walk around. Think of it as you walk in between classes. Take a couple of laps around your house or walk around the block, anything to get your blood flowing.