eMedia: An innovative arts class


Anna Katherine Watts, Staff Writer

As an arts magnet school of distinction, Reynolds offers a wide variety of fine arts opportunities. Students enjoy both traditional arts such as music, theatre, dance, painting, and also venture into non-typical arts such as photography. Technology and innovation expand the opportunities for even more students to get excited about the arts.

Many freshmen get started in photography and then advance on to higher level classes such as digital photography and eMedia. Sophomore Sophie Cronan is one of the many students who takes eMedia. 

“I decided to take eMedia because I want to do something with online advertising and design when I’m older,” Cronan said.

The Reynolds students who take this class benefit from having an expert teacher, Mr Benenati who also teaches digital photography 1 and digital photography 2 Honors. Benenati has lots of experience and is eager to get more students involved in the digital arts. 

“If you love working with colors, shape, text and images, eMedia is a Graphic Design class where students can work on an iMac computer using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software to create inspiring images,” Benenati said. 

Reynolds is fortunate to have state of the art equipment and software. Students have opportunities that are not typically offered in public high schools, and they gain exposure to technology and skills that can be used in their future education or career field. This gives Reynolds students advantages that they wouldn’t have gotten if they didn’t take this class at Reynolds.

This class, which is normally only offered in colleges, presents valuable opportunities to build a skill set, develop student’s interest areas and strengths and create a portfolio to use for future college applications or employment opportunities,” Benenati said.

The skills you learn in the class such as using Photoshop become valuable to students in other areas of study and in everyday life out of high school. 

“I think eMedia will help in daily life because many things are online now and it can create opportunities for jobs that you will already have a background in doing,” Cronan said.

EMedia could also introduce students to careers and areas of study they never considered pursuing before. Career paths such as graphic design, photography and marketing all use eMedia programs so it’s very useful to have experience in. 

EMedia allows Reynolds students another outlet for creativity and draws those who may not see themselves as artistic into a new realm of the arts. 

Students in the class are totally engaged and excited to see the results they are capable of producing. I am often impressed to see students come up with the most amazing ideas,” Benenati said. 

All the benefits that eMedia offers are reasons why more Reynolds students should sign up for this great class.