Artist in the Spotlight: Isabella Ellis


Emelie Patti, Managing Editor

RJ Reynolds, as many of our viewers know, is an Arts Magnet school. Many of the students at RJR have always cherished the arts program and all the great opportunities it has given numerous talented students. This program allows RJR students to sing, dance and act in front of crowds and teaches them to grow and better their skills in the arts. 

One student who has taken advantage of almost every opportunity RJR has presented is Isabella Ellis. Ellis, a junior, has been doing theatre since freshman year but she has participated in theatre around the community for much longer. 

“When I first started doing theatre, the most appealing aspect of it to me was joining a new community of people, as well as being able to just have fun on stage,” Ellis said. “Theatre, and especially music, have greatly impacted my life. Ever since I was little I’ve been interested in music, and more recently the more technical aspects of music such as music theory.” 

Ellis has participated in many shows at RJR including ‘Guys and Dolls’, ‘Into the Woods’, and her personal favorite ‘Les Miserables’. 

“My favorite thing about the arts is the level of emotion that can be inspired and felt from experiencing it,” Ellis said. “The sense of togetherness and pride that comes when you get to be a part of something that makes you feel really good and happy.”

Performing in front of large crowds takes a lot of courage and determination. A great amount of time and effort goes into perfecting a theatre production. There can be many difficulties in theatre but Ellis always tries to find a way to think about the positive take-aways.

“There is always an underlying feeling of self-doubt involved in the arts due to the amount of competition you face but it is worth it when you feel proud about what you accomplish and get to be a part of,” Ellis said. 

Ellis has made a really positive impact on the RJ Reynolds community. She brings strength and courage with every performance and it shows.

Isabella is one of those well rounded students who is skilled in a lot of different disciplines,”  Mr. Zayas, the drama teacher at RJR said. “I think her biggest impact has been in theatre and a capella, where she has been an integral part of both programs… Isabella has a ton of natural talent and potential.”

Ellis brings a lot of appreciation onto the stage and wants the best for everyone around her. 

“It is great to be in a school community that has so much arts support and resources to do what we love,” Ellis said. 

She brings a great attitude everywhere she goes and is recognized throughout the RJR community for her incredible talent. People like Isabella Ellis are what the RJR community strives for and the school is lucky to pursue such talented artists.