Student Director: Silva’s dance to graduation


Emma Stuart Satterfield, Staff Writer

The Reynolds dance department has fostered many talented students for many years and has worked to instill a love of dance in each and every student. 

Hernan Silva, a senior at RJ Reynolds High Schoo, has been particularly touched by the RJR dance department. Silva’s positive energy is able to fill any dance class with joy and excitement. Everyday Silva comes into class with a big smile on his face, ready to learn more and dance more taking full advantage of what the art school has to offer. 

Not only is dance an activity Silva enjoys outside of school, but Reynolds incorporates dance within specific classes like any other academic class. Silva takes every opportunity he can to dance his heart out, and this small chunk of the day has become the most valuable to him.

“Dance is my favorite part of the day! I am so obsessed with dance and it as been so much fun this semester!” Silva said. 

Silva loves performing his dance pieces to other students. He was a director for the recent winter dance concert and enjoyed every minute of this experience. It allowed him to see what goes on in preparation of the dance concerts and gave him a big role in the decisions made for the entire night! 

To Silva the dance department is one big family; they help and care for one another in hopes of letting every individual shine through the art in their own and unique way.

“I could tell that the entire dance department was emotionally attached to our dances during the winter concert. It was so precious! Everyone in the dance department loves one another and dancing is a great way to connect with others around you,” Silva said.

Dance teacherJessica Reece admires Silva’s hard work in the dance program. He was selected to be a student director by Mrs. Reece and Mrs. Hailey because of his strong work ethic. 

“He not only stood out to us through his progress as a dancer, but because of his positive energy he brings with him when he walks into a room. Through his leadership role in the recent winter concert, he has shown us he can handle almost anything,” Reece said.

Silva wishes that he took more dance classes at Reynolds. Now that he is a senior, it is even harder for him to have to say goodbye to his dance family, and he wishes he had a longer opportunity to be with them. 

Silva is very close to his classmates. Lucy Neelon, a freshman at Reynolds, dances with Silva. 

“Hernan is quite literally is the best person I have ever met. He radiates love and positivity and makes everyone around him smile,” Neelon said.

Even though Silva’s dance classes with Reynolds are coming to a halt, his dancing career is only just beginning. He wants to incorporate dance in his college life along with vocal music, another one of his passions that he wishes on pursuing.