The Guide to a Single’s Valentine’s Day


Alli Arnett, Social Media Coordinator

    Not having a date on Valentine’s Day does not have to mean ice-cream and romantic comedies alone in your room. Instead, this year let’s enjoy being single and have fun on Valentine’s Day with this top ten list of things to do when you’re single on V-Day. 

1.  Host a singles dinner party 

Gather up all your single friends and toast to your freedom. No one can feel lonely with good friends, good music and good food. And who knows- you might not leave the party alone…

2.  Give to others in the community 

Whether it is volunteering at a soup kitchen, donating to a charity, or simply visiting your grandparents, it is important to remember that there are always people who have bigger problems than being single on Valentine’s Day and there is no better way to celebrate a day of love than extending a helping hand. 

3.  Go to the Humane Society 

Petting cute dogs is by far the best way to keep your mind off things. Chances are if you take your parents they will not be able to say no to a new puppy. Not to mention this is one way you could give back to the community and boost your self esteem, even without a date. 

4.  Treat yourself 

Whether it is a spa night or a shopping spree, “Self care is important. We should treat ourselves more often,” sophomore, Margaret Ramirez said. 

5.  Bake or cook something 

 One way you can treat yourself is to cook your favorite meal or bake something for your friends and family. “My favorite thing to make on Valentine’s Day is cupcakes because it is a tasty treat and you can have fun while making it,” senior Lynn Kluttz said. Not only will you have fun doing it but it will make others feel special.

6.  Stay off social media

By deleting Snapchat or staying off Instagram, you can steer clear of corny relationship posts or your crush leaving you on open. A social media cleanse is always a healthy choice and there is no better time to do this than Valentines Day.

7.  Write a letter to someone 

With the use of social media and texting, it is rare to get a letter from someone in the mail. Sending someone a letter would make their day.

8.  Get a heart shaped box of chicken nuggets

The real reason we all celebrate Valentine’s Day. Head to Chickfila and take advantage of this once a year opportunity.

9.  Be spontaneous 

Get out of your comfort zone. Have a night out by yourself with no expectations. Who knows where you’ll end up but at least you will have a story to tell. 

10.  Road trip

Want to have a spontaneous Valentine’s Day but do not have any ideas?  Grab some friends and get out of town! Take a mountain hike and watch the sunset or have a beach day and ride bikes along the coast.