3:35 dismissal is dismissed


Logan Thelen, Staff Writer

The past few years have been years of change and progress for RJ Reynolds High School, but one particular change is inspiring some debate around campus.

Usually at Reynolds, dismissal is at 3:40 in the main building while the history building, arts building and gymnasium are dismissed at 3:35, along with seniors getting the privilege of leaving at 3:35. But starting this semester, the 3:35 rule is being thrown out the window. From now on, all students, no matter grade or building, will be dismissed at 3:40.

Reasonably, students are a little bit concerned for a couple of reasons. Seniors are more worried about the fact that this is one of their very few privileges that is now being taken away. But now that this is being taken away from them, what privileges do they have?

“It’s pretty disappointing honestly. I know this is trivial but that was really the only thing seniors are given at this school to separate us from other classes…besides being able to sit in the front at sporting events,” senior Steele Howell said.

To some, this new policy is frustrating. Many feel that their seniority and respect is being taken away. Now, the only difference between the seniors and other classes is the ability to sit front row at Demon sporting events and voting for a prom king and queen. 

Although teachers may have a different opinion on this subject.

“I think they do feel disrespected but I don’t think it was done with the intent to disrespect them but it was more of a logistical decision to keep the overall student population safe,” history teach John Clevenger said.

Clevenger believes this was a correct decision and overall, a good idea. With much of the decision making pointing towards keeping the students safe, rather than taking a privilege of the seniors away.

“I think people are abusing the privilege of getting out early causing disruptions and fights and things like that,” Clevenger said. 

During the 3:35 dismissal, students who are dismissed at that time often go into the main building or stay in the main building where classes are going on and causing distractions. Teachers believe that those last five minutes are important when it comes to addressing homework and other activities.

This might not be the only problem caused by the new rule. With limited room in parking lots and bus lots, there is controversy on whether or not the new rule is a good idea. Many students find themselves trapped in their car while waiting for the parking lot to empty out just to leave the spot they are parked in.

“I think it is a lot of people leaving at the same time and it will take a while to get out of the parking lot, which students obviously do not like,” Clevenger said.

With the parking lot being less busy and less crowded, the chance of a possible car accident would greatly drop. Safety is obviously one of the Reynolds staff’s main concern. 

“I probably would not have been hit if students were able to leave at different times,” junior Elizabeth White said. 

On the first day of the semester, many students fears came true. Particularly White who was involved in an accident in the student parking lot.

“I feel like this was the most unorganized way to do dismissal… people other than me also got really close to getting into fender benders too,” White said.

Except the parking lot might not be the only thing crowded during this time.

Many express the already hectic class changes in the middle of the day. With stairwells crowded to the point of not being able to move, this will only increase the amount of times that this happens and add to it at the end of the day. 

“The hallway changes during class changes are a nightmare so it’s just gonna be that again at the end of the day,” Howell said.

Some underclassmen who have a fourth period in the main building are a little bit more on board with this idea though. Some see it as a way of making the students feel a little more equal to each other instead of seniors feeling superior and being rude to underclassmen.