Giehll: A teacher striving to make her students better


Joseph Vargas, Staff Writer

Here at Reynolds, at the start of the new school year, there are some new faces around the school, faces that you may not have seen, with one of these being Michelle Giehll. She is a new teacher who teaches Standard and Honors Chemistry, who has a lot of experience with teaching and has taught hundreds, if not thousands of students. She has been teaching longer than some of her students have been alive, as she has been teaching for over 15 years.

“My first major in college was marine chemistry,” Giehll said. “While in college, I started tutoring people in chemistry and enjoyed the aspect of teaching more than marine science. When I was in school, chemistry was a topic that came easily to me, but a lot of my friends had a hard time understanding it. I enjoyed thinking of different ways to help my friends understand the concepts.”

Before coming to Reynolds, she taught at other smaller schools. She has never taught at an arts magnet school and this year will be her first year teaching at one. 

“I have enjoyed the opportunities it has given me to watch my students perform in their various shows,” Giehll said.

Giehll can often be found waiting to greet you outside her classroom with a friendly smile. When entering the class, you will see students grabbing markers and whiteboards to work on the Bell Ringer that Giehll puts upon the in front of the room every day to help her students prepare for the upcoming lesson or to use as a review from previous lessons. 

While a classroom is one large group by design, it is conceived of unique individuals with different needs. To reach the individual student, Giehll aims to encourage each individual; she involves him or her in learning and understands how to teach everyone. She is an advocate for her students as individuals, ensuring that their needs are met so they have the resources they need to succeed.

Her commitment stretches far out from school hours. The weekend before the chemistry final, Giehll took time out of her Saturday to wake up early in the morning to go to school and hold a review session for all of her students. She gave up time that she could have used for other things but instead used it for the benefit of her students. This does not only show how dedicated she is to teach but how selfless she is.

Giehll has a unique, and silly, way of teaching, which allows her students to help remember things more easily and with a good laugh, rather than just using boring textbook explanation. 

“I think that the energy that I have in the classroom is one thing that might separate me from other teachers and all of the crazy sayings that I used to help my students understand the material,” Giehll said. 

Her unique way of teaching is not the only thing that separates her from other teachers, but she always likes to recognize her students. She gives those who scored a 90 or higher to come and receive candy and some stickers but also earn a place on the infamous Wall Of Fame. A wall that is filled with names of students who have performed well on her unit tests. 

“She is a great teacher, and she puts her students first,” sophomore Matthew Epermanis said. “I like her humor and helpful ways of remembering things and her willingness to go above and beyond for helping her students.”

Ms. Giehll is a teacher of many excellent characteristics, she is full of enthusiasm and eagerness to teach makes her stand out from most teachers. She has a different way of teaching, as she always finds a way for her students to learn but at the same put a smile on every student’s faces. She is a teacher who is selfless and willing to sacrifice for her students, no matter if that means giving up her Saturday morning or staying after school, it is all for her students good.