Softball resurfaces


Caroline Kindsvater, Staff Writer

After a year of Reynolds not having a softball team, the time has come for these girls to get back out on the field. Last year, Reynolds has not had enough girls come try out to form an official team but thanks to the new coach, Mike McCulloch, and an abundant new group of girls, they are now back.

This will be Coach McCulloch’s first time being head coach for the softball team. He is looking foward to a successful season with the new team. 

“This will be my first year as the Head Coach for Reynolds High School softball,” McCulloch said. “I was an assistant coach in 2012 under Coach Mike Meeks. At this point of my life, I enjoy the teaching aspect of coaching. I hope my assistant coaches: Mr. Reynolds and Mr. Wiley and I are able to teach the rules of the game to the girls. We also hope to teach teamwork and working for a goal beyond yourself.”

Although the softball team has only had a few preseason workouts, there are already some stand out players and possible leaders on the team. Genesis Ray, a senior at Reynolds has been playing softball a lot of her life and loves the game.

“I have played all my years of high school,” Ray said. “Both at Reynolds and travel ball except for last year since we didn’t have a team. I love the adrenaline of it. People underestimate female sports but its really rough and pushes me to my limits and I love that about it.”

Since Reynolds did not have a team last year, that puts the team at a disadvantage compared to other teams, but if they work hard, it could be a successful season. 

“The season on the field will be very tough,” McCulloch said. “It’s very possible we do not win a game in our conference as it’s a very tough conference for Varsity Girls Softball, and most of our girls have never played a season of high school varsity softball.”

Although the season is looking like a tough one, Coach McCulloch has high hopes for the girls. 

“If we carry ourselves with integrity and try our best to learn the game, and compete, I will consider the season successful.” 

Because softball took a season off, the team has a very different group of people than it had two years ago. Even though most of the girls are new to the sport, there is a great connection and team spirit within the group. 

“The team dynamic is amazing,” Ray said. “Our new coach is great with breaking down the sport so we can understand it on a new level and the girls are all full of energy and excitement so we all get along very well.”

As the team enters their new season, Coach McCulloch as well as the players will be working their hardest to compete with the other teams in their conference.