A Jolly writing class


Althea Floge, Staff Writer

Stacy Jolly’s creative writing class is one example of an amazing program at Reynolds that does not get enough attention. Hidden at the very back of the history building, is the classroom. From outside, it looks like any other classroom but when you walk through the door it is a completely different atmosphere. The classroom welcomes you, it has a bright and cheery appearance and soft music plays in the background, and when you look around all of the students are calm and focused on their writing.

“As much as I like writing, I think my favorite part is the atmosphere, it’s the most relaxed class I’ve ever been in, and it’s just a very comfortable atmosphere,” sophomore Sam Piekarski said.

Jolly’s style of teaching creates a positive and supportive atmosphere, that makes her class many of her students favorite. All of her students love to write and enjoy the class itself but many of them admitted that she is their favorite part of the class. 

“Ms. Jolly is such a wonderful person and she looks out for me,” senior Kerri King said. “Over the years we have gotten to be pretty close, so when I have problems I can just come and talk to her about it and she understands and she’s there for me.”

As an arts magnet school, Reynolds has many interesting arts classes which is why some of the best get overlooked. The creative writing class is a very unique course to take; it focuses less on the grades and more on creativity and effort. 

“I think this class offers students the ability to look at the world differently, the ability to really think about things in a different way,” said Jolly. “I am the teacher and the student at the same time, I try to give them inspiration and then they use that inspiration to maneuver their world in different ways using their creative energy.”

Jolly is good at making the students in her class feel comfortable and helping them to step outside their comfort zone. When students finish a story or a piece of writing that they are proud of they are encouraged to step up and share their work with the class. This is when most of the students said they feel most successful. 

“I feel the most successful when I share my stories in front of the whole class because I don’t typically like to share so when I share my stories with other people and put them out there it feels like a big accomplishment,” senior Cayle Manning said.

One of the best parts of the class and the most important of any, is having a teacher who really loves the students and the content. Jolly loves all of her students, she particularily enjoys reading everything they write and seeing and encouraging them to work hard and improve their writing. 

“My favorite part of this class is reading their work and seeing where they take their own creativity because I get to see them build confidence and explore the different dimensions of their brain,” Jolly said. “Sometimes they will write something and they are so proud of it, that to me that’s the best part, is watching them grow creatively.”

Although the class is a writing class, some of the funnest times students said they have had in this class has nothing to do with writing at all.

“The class is lighthearted and we like to celebrate whatever we can. One year we had an I hate Valentines Day party where we busted a pinata,” Jolly said. 

This adds to the general atmosphere of warmth, positivity, and fun that Jolly encourages in her class. Jolly feels everyday of class is fun.

“I can’t choose one time, the fun is almost every class.”