Soccer killing the game

Isa Garner, Staff Writer

The whistle blows and another goal is added to the scoreboard! The RJ Reynolds varsity soccer team has been blowing through the season with persistent wins making them the first ranked team in the state. 

Their impressive individual skills on top of their great teamwork is essential in taking them this far into the season. Senior and critical player to the team, Jack Holbrook, has greatly added to their success this season.

“The success roots within the familiarity within the group of guys we have,” Holbrook said. “Most of us have played soccer together before Reynolds and it has created a palpable sense of chemistry.”

Not only does Holbrook think that the team has many components that contribute to their success but he also feels as if they work hard to achieve their many wins.

“Each and every one of us pushes to see improvements and work as a team in order to succeed,” Holbrook said. “It is very satisfying knowing that all the work we put in during the summer and in the season is paying off.”

Although the team earned the opportunity to play in the state championship game and worked their way to the top team in the state, the players have high pressure on their performance during games in order to come out on top.

“There is a lot of pressure, especially being in the top seed,” Holbrook said. “All eyes are on us and we are expected to perform a certain way each game.”

The players may feel as if they have high pressure on their performance on the field but the head coach, Antonio Sabio, does not necessarily feel this but still expects and hopes his boys will win the well deserved championship game. 

Sabio is in no rush to race to the top. Success comes with patience. Sabio is proud of the team’s performance. 

“This is a huge deal for the team to get the number one seed,” Sabio said. 

 Not only does Holbrook think his team functions as one on the field very well but Sabio also added what he personally thinks what helps the team win their games. 

“The way the players gel on the field makes the team successful,” Sabio said.

The way Sabio says the team’s ability to gel on the field, helps many of his players like senior Aldair Hernendaz, place many goals in the back of the net. Hernendaz had to outstanding and prominent goals in the quarter-final and semi-final games that tremendously helped his team. Hernandez adds that scoring goals is not just about putting the team ahead although that is a very positive result, it is about how ot influences the rest of his teammates. 

“It is important to score in games because it provides the opportunity for my teammates to believe in me and gain confidence in themselves,” Hernedaz said. 

Scoring goals allows the boys to gain confidence in themselves without getting to cocky. Hernezdaz believes having trust and faith in one another, add a level of connection that most teams might not have. He has these expectations for the state championship game on Saturday. 

“I expect us to play hard and smart as well as to come out strong and confident,” Hernendaz said. 

The soccer team has put in blood, sweat and tears to earn their spot as the first ranked team in the state and will continue to use their skills to win the State Championships. The team’s determination, effort and unity will help them achieve their goals.