Boys soccer falls to rival Mount Tabor

Alli Arnett and McKinley Bassett

The RJ Reynolds boys varsity soccer team faced a tough opponent at last Thursday’s game against Mount Tabor. Although possession was back and forth, the team did their best to navigate the field. While the boys took on their rival on the road, there was still a strong demon presence, as the stands were filled with Reynolds pride. 

“I always think when the Rowdies are there we play better. Tabor is just a different game,” senior Hugh Bray said. “They didn’t do us a disfavor. They always help our play and we love their presence.”

In the beginning of the second half, with a score of 0-0, tensions rose as both teams began to feel the pressure. Minutes later, after a fowl by junior Owen Fitzgerald, Tabor was awarded a penalty kick that shifted the course of the game. 

The ball took an unexpected curve and Reynolds goalie, senior Noah Gottlieb was unable to compensate causing an uproar in the stands. 

With the score being 0-1, the Demons began to tire out and lose hope. They fought hard but could not counter the Spartans tough defense. 

“What they needed to do last night was move the ball faster. They need to start playing more simply. Johan Cruyff said ‘Soccer is simple but playing simple soccer is the hardest thing there is’,” says assistant Coach Thomas Moore. “They have the skill. They have the talent to beat anyone. They just need to play their own game.”