It’s Bo time

Jack Holbrook, Staff Writer

Sophomore Bo Dalrymple has been playing the goalkeeper position in lacrosse since he was 7 years old, and his experience has proved to be essential for the demons this season.

“I started playing in first grade because we were really young, and there were no permanent goalies,” Dalrymple said. “I picked it up one day because my U9 team needed a goalie and I really enjoyed it.  I continued playing because it is a ton of fun and they always need goalies on each team I have been on.”

A goalie is exactly what the lacrosse team needed this year as the previous starting keeper was unable to play this season.  Dalrymple was the starting goalkeeper as a sophomore, in his first year at Reynolds. He helped propel the Demons to the best record in the conference at 6-1.

Choosing to play at Reynolds was not an easy decision for Dalrymple.  

“I seriously considered going to Tabor,” Dalrymple said.  “There were three goalies ahead of me at Reynolds, and a lot of my former teammates that go to Tabor wanted me to go there because they didn’t have one.”  

Dalrymple made the tough decision to attend Reynolds, but ultimately the right one.  Reynolds Lacrosse will be the 1 seed for the CPC in the state playoffs, with Bo backing the cage.

Dalrymple not only provides the team with his exceptional talent, but portrays characteristics a coach wishes all of his athletes had.

“Bo is a funny, light hearted warrior who is always willing to pitch in and go the extra mile for his team,” Coach Scott said.  “He poses dedication, integrity and grit that has quickly earned him the trust of his teammates.”

This trust by Dalrymple’s teammates has enabled everyone else on the field to perform at a very high level.

“Bo is a great sense of stability, because he is so good,” junior Jack Morrow said.  “I try not to make any mistakes to give him some slack, but he usually saves it anyways”.  

Dalrymple still has two years of eligibility left at Reynolds and will hopefully continue to bring success to the program in the future seasons.

“I am excited that Bo will be returning to play goalie next year for us,”  junior Ethan Mou said. He will continue to contribute greatly and a be a big leader for our team.”

Dalrymple is pivotal component to this team, and our program is fortunate to have him protecting the cage for the years to come.

Photo courtesy of Robert Hill Photography