Will senior assassins ever end?

Anson Walldorf, Staff Writer

Each year, the seniors of Reynolds and Mount Tabor pay ten dollars to play in “Senior Assassins.” The objective of senior assassins is to shoot another assigned senior to you with a water gun and the winner of the game gets the money.

The game is run each year by a group of seniors from Reynolds and Tabor. This year Emma Jones, Jack Peatross, David Craver and Laney Miller lead the game.

For the first month of the game, my Twitter feed was filled with videos from Senior Assassin kills. My favorite video easily being the video of Ellie Grubbs being eliminated by Will Fulton.

I was one of those quickly eliminated as well. In fact, I was the only person to be eliminated twice. After being killed by someone from Tabor in the second day of the game, I was resurrected about a month later, just to be ruthlessly eliminated again by Todd Echols in my own backyard for the second time.

However, the game has slowed down in the last month. There has been a stalemate between many of the final 50 or so remaining seniors.   

Many have begun to wonder if the game will ever end. The winnings of the game could be split between the remaining contestants at the end of the school year.

Zoe Spanos was eliminated several weeks ago by Ben Wescott and is now skeptical about one winner in this years assassins.

“I think it will probably end with like four people that tie, that is how it usually ends,” Spanos said, “Right now I think that Caroline Smith has the highest chance to win.”

To speed up the game, the commissioners have implemented some new rules. From now to the end of the school year each contestant must get one kill a week to remain in the game.

Andrew Petersen is optimistic about the ending to assassins, Petersen is one of the remaining seniors in the game.

“I do think the game will end because the new rules that they have put in for the rest of the game will speed it up a lot,” Petersen said. “My chances (of winning) are not high, I’m up against a tall task.”

Warren Quadland also is very confident in the ending of this year’s assassins. Quadland is one of the few remaining contestants.

“Yes it will [end], when I win,” Quadland said.

At this point Patrick Freeman from Tabor has the highest chance of winning. Freeman leads the game in kills and even drove to Myrtle Beach over spring break just for one kill.

Todd Echols from Reynolds also has a high chance of winning. Echols has been a deadly assassin and is one of the game leaders in kills.

This year’s Senior Assassins has been full of ups and downs but it is setting up for a great finish.

Photo courtesy of RJR Senior Assassins Twitter