Danny Saucedo slams on stage

Charlie Mensh, Staff Writer

If you’re looking for talent, good music, and a guy that can spit some bars real quick, look no farther than Danny Saucedo. Saucedo is a student that excels in way more than one thing. He can play the piano, compose music and even rap.

Danny Saucedo came onto the stage at the 2019 follies and took people by surprise. His rhythm and lyrics in his raps were eye catching. What some people did not realize is that he came back onto the stage to play piano for another artist. This is a prime example of how musically diverse he is.

Saucedo doesn’t just stick to music. He has taken a creative writing class in which he was very impressive as well. He is a member of the creative writing club that is hosted by creative writing teacher, Mrs Jolly.

“To say he is a gifted writer is an understatement” said Mrs Jolly.  “He is a stunning writer who feeds his creative side and gives it a safe place to live and flourish on paper.”

Saucedo has many goals in life but his main goal is starting his own music company. Saucedo is a extremely musically diverse and can do many things when it comes to music, so having that background he would love to have his own company. Aside from a company, he wants to perform.

 He is a performer that catches your eye as you are blown away by his talent. Performing is something he really enjoys.

“I just feel comfortable on the stage and it comes natural to me” said Saucedo. This makes his life easy as he has, and will see many stages in his life.

Saucedo is also a very good student. “He has a deep understanding of the human condition and psych” said Mr Jolly. He uses words in such a manner that it sometimes shocks you that a young person could intuit so profoundly in to the inner workings of the human spirit.”

In order to be the skillful writer that he is, you must have an intellectual background and be hard working in school. It just so happens that he covers both of those. He is an extremely hard working person which carries over to the classroom where he strives for greatness and to be the best student he can be.

Saucedo is leaving his mark on Reynolds and catching people’s eyes around the city for his great talent. People like Saucedo that have endless talents and a strong work ethic, do very well in life. Saucedo plans to keep working hard and leaving his print on society.

Photo courtesy of Danny Saucedo