The final chapter of the arts closes for seniors

Katie Reynolds, A&E Editor

As the school year comes to a close, the final concerts for our performing arts programs have begun. The dance concert was on May 10 while the chorus concert was on May 14. Both shows took place in the auditorium at 7 pm. For many students, these concerts were their last performances at RJ Reynolds High School, a bittersweet ending.

Like all good things, they must eventually come to an end. Senior Harry Capizzi is experiencing that bittersweet ending.

“This upcoming performance is nothing but routine for A Capella as a class, but as for the seniors in A Capella it’s a final bow in front of a loving fan base,” Capizzi said. “For us seniors, it’s the last time we get to experience a truly significant staple of our high school careers. That’s only a driving force for a fantastic show.”

Many students feel that taking these performing arts classes are essential to having an enjoyable high school career. These final shows were nothing but a special experience for seniors. Senior Ally Shelton will miss the RJR dance department, which has been an important part of high school for her.

“This concert is special because it is Woodstock themed and this year is the 50th year anniversary of Woodstock!” Shelton said. “I’m looking forward to Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin! She is one of my favorite artists ever.”

These seniors involved in their last performances are left with excitement for the future, but with nostalgia for their soon to be alma mater.

“What I’ll miss the most about being in A Capella is the people,” Capizzi said. “Not only is A Capella a class that includes my best friends, but my brother, and an array of people I’ve come to meet and enjoy and befriend.”

Shelton will also miss the friends she has made in the RJR dance department.

“I’m going to miss the tight knit community that the dance department has created,” Shelton said. “The dance department is like a big family and I’m going to miss everyone in it!”

For some, joining these performing arts classes at Reynolds would bring more good than ever expected.

“What surprised me the most about A Capella was by the far the amount of talent in the room,” Capizzi said. “All three years I’ve been in the class I’ve been surrounded by some of the most talented individuals in the state. And that’s not my opinion, that’s a fact. That alone makes the sometimes grueling work more than worth it.”

As the class of 2019 moves on from RJ Reynolds high school, the outstanding arts department will live on and continue to improve for the years to come.

“I see the dance department growing a lot. People are coming to Reynolds just for the dance department and I think that is amazing,” Shelton said. “The dance department allows people who have danced their whole lives and people who have never danced before come together and create art!”

Photo courtesy of Megan Curling