Senior feature: Anson Walldorf

Emelie Patti, Staff Writer

Anson Walldorf is taking advantage of every moment he has left at Reynolds by having fun and hanging with friends. He is completing his fourth year of playing varsity lacrosse and will continue his lacrosse career in the fall at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina.  

“Anson stands out to me because he is light hearted and funny but also knows how to be committed to his work and peers,” AP US History teacher John Clevenger said.

Walldorf shows his love for Reynolds athletics by being a Rowdies president. He enjoys showing school spirit by attending various sporting events regardless of whether he is on the team or not.

He has built a reputation with both students and teachers as always being a positive and outgoing individual.

“I will miss joking around with him because we used to joke around a lot,” Clevenger added. “I will miss his humor and smiling face. He adds excitement, charisma, creativity, and dedication to the classroom.”

Walldorf shares the same attitude for out of school activities too. He adores his dog Sunshine and giving him baths. Walldorf draws inspiration from his father, because he has always supported Walldorf and wanted him to do his best always. Although Walldorf has moved around a lot, he has really made his mark on RJR high school.

“I’m going to miss not having to do homework and not stressing. It’s been a pretty fun and relaxing year,” Walldorf said.