Senior feature: Charlie Mensh

Jack Holbrook, Staff Writer

For Charlie Mensh, excelling in one sport wasn’t enough. Mensh managed to balanced three: basketball, football, and lacrosse. His success as captain of the football team, 2 time conference basketball champion, and key contributor for the lacrosse team, taught Mensh many lessons. 

“The biggest thing I learned from high school sports is to fight through adversity and learning how to handle certain situations,” Mensh said.

Mensh battled concussions throughout his senior basketball season, but managed to return healthy late in the season for his team, helping propel them to a final four appearance in the high school 4A tournament, the farthest Reynold’s has been it in 17 years.

Mensh didn’t solely excel in sports, but ushered that success into the classroom as well.

“Charlie did everything right.  He went to class on time, and he performed well in the classroom,” football coach Jay Blair said.

Mensh was inducted into the National Honor Society, which requires signs of leadership, scholarship, service, and character.

Although prevailing at three sports, Mensh had to make a multi sport athletes hardest decision, which sport he would choose to play in college.  Mensh chose to play football at Denison University, where he will play quarterback for the Big Red next season.

“I can’t wait to play college football and have the experience of it all,” Mensh said.

Mensh will go down as one of the greatest athletes at Reynolds High School, and will be greatly missed by his players, teachers, coaches and friends here at Reynolds High School.