Senior feature: Maggie Frail

Laura Doughton, Online Editor

Maggie Frail is excited to move onto the next phase of her life: college. Although she will be leaving her family and friends behind, she is looking forward to the things to come.

Frail will attend Brevard College in the fall. Bevard, located near Hendersonville in the mountains of North Carolina, will offer Frail with a variety of unique opportunities.

“I’m really excited to take some of the obscure courses like rock climbing and whitewater kayaking that most schools don’t offer, but I’m also looking forward to taking Wilderness First Aid and other classes that will really benefit me in the future,” Frail said.

Frail will major in wilderness leadership and experiential education. Frail has always loved the outdoors and is excited to be able to pursue her interest.

“I started doing outdoor rec activities with my aunt when I was pretty young and really fell in love with it,” Frail said. “I’ve done hiking and backpacking, camping, rock climbing, kayaking, caving, rafting and a bunch of other stuff.”

Frail will also be participating in the Institute for Women in Leadership, which gives her the ability in minor in Gender Studies.

“The program helps women find their voice and kind of build their confidence in everyday life,” Frail said. “In the second semester we’ll have the opportunity to mentor girls at a local middle school…[the program] gives me the opportunity to minor in gender studies, which I don’t think I would’ve been able to do if I wasn’t in the program.”