Senior feature: Nelly Tapia

Isaac Cooper, Design Editor

“She is unapologetically herself.”

This is how senior Amelia Rhoades describes her friend Nelly Tapia.

Tapia, a senior at Reynolds, takes AP level classes across a variety of subjects at Reynolds and the Career Center.  In classes, Tapia consistently shows her teachers and classmates her unwavering genuinity for learning a subject and being herself.

“Nelly is a student who is conscientious and curious about learning,” AP English language and composition teacher at the Career Center Amy Beveridge said.  “I believe she is truly interested in learning about any subject that comes her way.”

Tapia’s desire to learn does not stop with the school year either; this past summer, she communicated with Beveridge when she decided to read The Help by Kathryn Stockton.

“I loved that she [Tapia] texted me over the summer to tell me what she loved and hated about the book, [and] what made her cry [as well.]”

Tapia’s favorite class in high school was Mrs. Beveridge’s class.  Tapia liked Beveridge’s class for its group discussions and the personality of her teacher.

“She [Beveridge] is such a funny and genuine person,” Tapia said.

Aside from academics, Tapia enjoys creating art, whether that be with her clarinet in band class, or her personal painting.  Tapia enjoys to make art for its therapeutic effect, which is especially true with her painting.

“I would love to paint and draw through school,” Tapia said.

Tapia is, above all else, a genuine person and that aspect of her radiates when people meet her.  She cares about learning, friends and enjoying the moment with people who make up her community.