Senior feature: Nasir McDaniel

Charlie Mensh, Staff Writer

When you think of school spirit and fashion you should look no farther than Nasir McDaniel. He is a student athlete that has participated in football and baseball and is a hardworking student that is driven to accomplish things that make him a better person.

Sports have played a big role in McDaniel’s four years at Reynolds.

“Sports has played a big role in shaping me as a person as it has taught me that nothing is given and you have to work for everything,” McDaniel said.

This is something that has helped him with not only sports but is something he can live by for the rest of his life.

Aside from his driven attitude, McDaniel prides himself on the way he dresses. The term “drip” is a way people describe McDaniel’s style.

“What inspires my ‘drip’ is some of my favorite celebrities like Nick Young, Quavo and Travis Kelce,” McDaniel said. “‘Drip’ isn’t something everyone possesses but God blessed me with ‘drip’ from the start and I’ll forever be thankful.”

McDaniel is a very bright student as well. He has taken honors and seminar classes, as well as AP classes to prepare himself for the future. McDaniel plans to attend North Carolina A&T in Greensboro, North Carolina next year and hopes to become a civil engineer.

McDaniel is a model student athlete and is someone that many people will try to follow in the future.