Senior feature: Jordan Knudsen

Liam Sherman, News Editor

For Jordan Knudsen, theater tech has been an important part of his high school experience.

“It’s the independence of it all,” Knudsen said when asked about what aspect of theater tech was his favorite. “Trying to problem solve and being able to think creatively about how to make things work with what we have.”

Knudsen has assumed many different roles in the seven plays he has participated in as a part of the Reynolds theater department. He acted in two of them, and has held a variety of design positions in the rest, including lighting designer for The Miser, build chief for Lės Miserables, set designer for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night and fly master for Guys and Dolls.

Aside from contributing to many plays at Reynolds, Knudsen has made a significant impact on those around him.

“Jordan is very ambitious and competitive, he wants to always do his best at everything he attempts,” senior and stage manager Lydia Evans said. “His flexibility of knowledge is a good example of what theatre tech teaches us, that it’s great to specialize but also useful to have understanding of different areas.”

Not all of Knudsen’s time at Reynolds has been spent in theater tech, however. He was elected Prom King in 2019, a testament to the impact he has made on the student body.

Knudsen is going to attend Wake Forest University in the fall, and wants to major in biology and start a pre-med track. He hopes to one day be a pediatric neurologist.