Senior feature: Jeremiah Grimes

Charlie Mensh, Staff Writer

“Skrt Skrt motor”… you might have heard this on Apple Music or Spotify recently as Reynolds rapper Lil Motor is making a name for himself. Lil Motor, formally known as Jeremiah Grimes, is a common face around school. Grimes gets his inspiration from his dad who is also a rapper. Coming from a hard childhood of living in poverty and being hungry, Grimes’ story is shaping to become a special one.

“My inspiration for my songs comes from what goes on in my life.” Grimes said. “The pain and struggle is something that I like to reflect in my songs.”

Reynolds has played a huge part in Grimes getting early fame around the school and city because he uses his peers to advertise and get his music out.

Grimes dream is to make it big and collaborate with Young Thug.

“If I ever get a song with Young Thug, that’s when I know I’ve made it,” Grimes said.

Grimes is a very motivated person and the possibility of money is all he needs.

“The money is the motivation and its a big reason why I pursued this career,” he said.

 For the people that are just starting their rapping careers, Grimes is someone to look up to. His hard work and dedication is paying off as he creates more music and gets more publicity. The story of Lil Motor is in its beginning stages but its already a special one.

Make sure to go listen to his music on all platforms @Lil Motor.