The future of the Rowdies should be female

Laura Doughton, Online Editor

The Rowdies are a staple at Reynolds. They attend athletic events to cheer on the teams, providing some much needed enthusiasm and support that is often lacking. The Rowdies, the student section here at RJR, is comprised of students from all four grades and led by four seniors. They are responsible for organizing the themes for game day and hyping up the crowd.

The current Rowdies presidents are responsible for selecting their successors. This year the Rowdies are led by four boys, and much like in the past, they are likely to pick four more boys. As tradition, the lineage of Rowdies presidents has always been male.

According to current Rowdies president Jack Peatross there has never been a female Rowdies president. Let me repeat, there has NEVER been a female Rowdies president.

It seems absurd to me that in the 30 odd years that the Rowdies have existed that there has not been a single female Rowdies president. If we assume that there have been four presidents each year, that is 120 presidents, none of which have been women.

One could argue that this is because boys are more involved in sports but that is simply not true. Of the 16 different sports listed on the Athletics page of the Reynolds website, 13 have a women’s team. Only 12 of the 16 sports listed have a men’s team.

Some argue that a female is not cut out for the job but it all depends on what makes a good Rowdies president. I believe that a good Rowdies president is encouraging, supportive, enthusiastic and most of all, rowdy. They should be on time to every game they attend, and should never leave before a game is over. I do not see how these criteria are hard to meet and see no issues with a female Rowdies president meeting them.

The most plausible explanation for the absence of female representation is tradition. The Rowdies started with males and that is how it has always been. To this I have one thing to say: we are living in a time of social change, of working to right the wrongs. Is this not an easy wrong to right? I would think so.

For those that say that it would be difficult to find a female to fill the role of Rowdies president, I invite you to look down at the field at the next football game or up in the stands at the next basketball game. The Dancing Boots and cheerleaders are at every game, rain or shine, relentlessly cheering for the Demons. If you refer to what I believe makes a good Rowdies president, the boots and cheerleaders fit every one of my criteria.

I know what you are thinking, ‘But the boots and cheerleaders are not in the stands!’ I know, I know. I would like to remind you that one of the current Rowdies presidents is on the football and basketball team, meaning he is never in the stands, yet was still given the title of Rowdies president.

It would not be hard to find a girl or two to fill the role of Rowdies president; all you have to do is open your eyes. There are plenty of females that could perform the Rowdies duties with just as much enthusiasm as any other past Rowdies president, we just need someone to be bold enough to make the change.

Photo provided by Reynolds Rowdies twitter