AIS: Hignite ignites the dance floor

Eliza Carlton, Features Editor

If you go to Reynolds, chances are you’ve had some encounter with current senior Chelsea Hignite. Chelsea is as kind as she is outgoing, and has brought nothing but positivity to Reynolds since she transferred her sophomore year from Atkins.

At just three years old, Chelsea was introduced to what would become one of her greatest passions: dance.  Since then, Chelsea has spent countless hours preparing and performing her dances.

“I started dancing when I was three so this is my 14th year.  My parents decided to put me in dance when I was little and I’ve loved it ever since,” Hignite said. “My parents say that I was always dancing around so they thought it would be a good idea! And it turned out to be the best idea ever! I am forever grateful that my parents allowed me to start and continue dance.”

Chelsea tried out for and made it onto the RJR Boots upon coming to Reynolds her sophomore year.  She is especially happy with her decision to join because of the friends she has made from being a Boot.  

“I have met so many of my best friends through boots,” Hignite said. “Even when the school days are long or stressful, the team always makes me laugh and smile and we have such a good time together. I love getting to spend time with them at games and practice. The team this year is super special to me because I feel like everyone is really close and we are all really good friends.”

By her fellow Boots, Chelsea has been described as a strong leader who is able to stay focused while having fun.  

“Chelsea is such an amazing dancer. She is always focused and ready to do her best. But what makes her stand out is the smile and happiness she gets when she does it,” junior Kennedy Dean said.  “She is great leader on Boots because she is always willing to catch people up when they weren’t there on day or if someone is confused she always knows what shows doing and can help them immediately.”

While dance can be described as both a sport and an art, Chelsea describes dance as a combination of three things: connection, expression, and love.

“Dance is the most authentic and vulnerable a person can be,” Chelsea said. “You have to be strong and soft and open and determined all at once to dance. It’s not just moving or twirling or kicking, it is allowing yourself to take risks. All art is beautiful but I believe dance is the most magical!”

As for the future, Chelsea is not positive where she will end up.  But she does know one thing: she plans on continuing dance for years to come.  

“I want to dance forever and ever,” Hignite said. “I am hoping to either dance on a dance team or become a member of a dance company in college. And even after college I plan to find a dance outlet too! It’s my favorite thing and I can’t imagine my life without it.”

Photo provided by Chelsea Hignite