Variety of art classes allow students to thrive

Laura Doughton, Online Editor

Reynolds offers numerous art classes for students of all levels and talents. Whether you are a visual artist or a performer there is a class for you.

While most high schools have basic art classes, Reynolds offers a variety of classes that provide students with more opportunities. This allows students to take classes more specific to their talents and interests.

“Instead of taking visual arts, for example, students may take oil painting or 3D design,” arts director Karen Morris said. “In addition to our specialized classes, our students have opportunities for field trips, master classes, exhibits, competitions and equipment.”

Other specialized classes include drawing, painting, photography and ceramics. Reynolds also offers advanced placement classes such as AP Art Drawing, AP Art 2D, AP Art 3D and AP Art History.

In the performing arts there are levels ranging from beginning to advanced for piano, guitar, chorus, technical theatre and theatre arts. Students who wish to begin at a higher level must audition with the teacher.

There are specialized classes in performing arts as well. Classes like jazz ensemble, wind ensemble, a cappella, ballet, jazz and tap offer students opportunities they might not get at other high schools.

Junior Jackie Sparnicht is currently taking advanced piano and digital photography 1 and has taken classes in drawing, painting and theatre before. She is one of many students that was able to skip beginning and intermediate levels.

“I started piano in the proficient level because I had already played piano when I was younger and I wanted to pick it back up again,” Sparnicht said. “I enjoyed the class because it was pretty much individual practice which makes it more flexible for you as a student but also lets you learn to play what you want to.”

Art classes at Reynolds provide varying challenges for students. They encourage students to try new things and think outside the box.

“Painting II was a bit more of a struggle [than Painting I] because we used oil paint and it behaves differently than what I typically work with, but I liked the challenge and the different projects we did,” Sparnicht said.

Not only do the art classes offered by Reynolds provide of multitude of opportunities, they teach students new skill sets that can be reflected in their adult lives.

“Arts are enjoyable and prepare you for life beyond high school,” Morris said. “Businesses say the #1 trait they are looking for in the workforce is creativity.”

If you are interested in learning more about the various courses offered check out the RJR website, ask your guidance counselor, or ask your teachers and friends.

Photo provided by Reynolds Arts twitter