Flannels Year Round

Maggie Frail, Staff Writer

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By Maggie Frail

Flannels: commonly worn at the start of fall and in cool weather when it is too warm to wear a jacket, but why limit to that time of year? Why not wear them year round? Flannels can be worn for any occasion. They can be a regular item of clothing or a statement piece; they’re suitable for any weather and look stylish at any time of year.

   There are flannels for every time of the year. If you want one while it is warm put on a thin, lightweight one. If it is cold but not cold enough for a heavy sweatshirt grab a thick flannel. If it is too cold to wear just a flannel put it on over a jacket for another layer of clothing to keep you warm. If that look isn’t for you but you still need that extra layer, leave it on underneath the jacket.

   One thing you can always count on in the summer is rain and storms. You may not need it when it’s warm and sunny but when those storms come around, you will wish you had it. A flannel is something you can easily carry around and throw on when the extra layer is needed. If you do not feel like carrying it while you are waiting for the storm to hit them you can tie it around your waist for yet another stylish look.

   Flannels are commonly associated with the outdoors as they are frequently seen at many events like campfires and hiking trips. They keep you warm for the early morning hikes and then again when the sun goes down.  

   They can also be worn several ways. One can wear it buttoned, unbuttoned or if you can not decide, you can leave the top two or three unbuttoned. You can even wear the sleeves in different ways. If it is cold out then you can wear the sleeves normal length but if it’s warm then roll the sleeves up and if you’re aiming for a more casual look, push them up.

    Pick a color: you can find red, blue, orange, white, black or any color your heart desires. You can find a flannel for every outfit and every occasion! If you need to look classy but not too much, throw on that flannel, roll the sleeves up a few times, put on some boots and you are good to go. Need something to go with that hat you just bought? The flannel hanging in your closet will go perfect. If you are going for a more comfortable look put on an oversized flannel and leave it unbuttoned.

    Flannels have been around since before the 16th century and popularity has only increased. In the 1990’s bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam wore plaid for their signature grungy look. The look of a flannel shirt also evokes images of lumberjacks and hipsterism.

   Flannels are the supreme shirt and I, as an owner of 20+ of them, know that they can be worn year round.

Photo Provided by Creative Commons