New Year, New You?

Jeda Lee, Op/Ed Editor

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By Jeda Lee

Every year people make resolutions, some more attainable than the others. Whether it be to drink more water or to be a better person, people usually never stick to them.
   New Year’s resolutions are pointless; why try to do better at the start of the new year when you could start at any point in time? Resolutions give people false hope and something to look forward to achieving.
   You cannot achieve these so-called “goals” if you only think of them at the start of every new year. It all has to come from actually wanting to do better. It has to start from deep within. You have to be ready to make the changes, not just because a new year is approaching.
   You can start working out at anytime, you can drink more water at any time, you can try to be a nicer person at any time. Although our time here is limited, you still have all the time in the world.
   Do you really want to do better, or do you just want to make yourself believe you want to do better?
   Just because a new year rolls around does not mean you are a new you. You are the same person you were a couple of weeks ago,  as if a new year is going to change who you are.
   You will see change in yourself when you want to change, not just because the year changed. Sometimes that change is painful and unexpected, so the new year may not be your time.
   On the other hand if you are someone who wants to implement change in their lives and actually set resolutions for the New Year, here are some ways you can achieve your resolution:
   Set reasonable resolutions:
You can not make a new years resolution something you know you can not achieve. Make it rational, make it doable.
   Put meaning behind it:
Do not make a useless resolution, a lot of times when you make a resolution that does not hold meaning to you, you are more likely to abandon it just as fast as you thought of it. Make sure it is something you really want to do.

    Hold yourself accountable:
If you want to be a better person for the new year, make note of your toxic behaviors and hold accountability for them. If you want to start going to the gym more, figure out why you have not started going sooner; do not make excuses. That goes for any resolution you may have, do not let yourself slack off because of excuses.
    The new year does not mean a new you, you are still the same person you were December 31. Most New Year’s resolutions are just meaningless goals you set for yourself in order to make yourself feel good and hopeful. While all of that could be true for some people, if you really want to reach your goal and stick to your resolutions, you absolutely can. With a little accountability and determination, anyone can make it happen.