AOM Todd Echols

Charlie Mensh, Staff Writer

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By Charlie Mensh

If you want a dedicated athlete, great person and great student then look no farther than senior Todd Echols. Todd has been a swimmer for his whole life.

   Todd has been on the Varsity Reynolds swim team for all four years and has led the men’s team to multiple conference championships and record breaking times. The 6 foot tall swimmer uses his height to his advantage in tearing through the water at incredible speeds.

   Swimmers have to balance an incredible schedule. It takes pure dedication to be able to get up every morning for 5 am practices and it also shows off an incredible work ethic. The continuous practice creates a discipline and drive to still be able to work hard in school despite the exhaustion that comes from early morning practices.    

   “It took some time to get used to but I honestly like practices in the mornings because it frees up my afternoon for me to participate in clubs and have some down time,” Echols said.

    Todd has gotten used to this schedule as many would after years of doing it but it still shows the type of dedicated athlete that he is.

   Todd has had his fair share of accomplishments. He is the captain of the swim team and he has been all conference and qualified for the state championships the last three years. Todd’s best stroke is breast stroke. This is the race that he has come to dominate.

“ My best stroke is breaststroke,” Echols said. “ When I was younger, it was my worst stroke, but it was also my favorite. I worked on it a lot over time, and with help from my coaches, I made my favorite stroke my best stroke.”

    Todd shares his accomplishments with his brother and sister. Todd’s younger brother Jeff is apart of the swim team and is good in his own right.
     “I love swimming with my brother,” Echols said. “We both push each other in practice and support each other. One of the things I’m going to miss most of all next year is swimming with my brother and sister every morning.”

   His younger sister Caroline is in 8th grade and the three siblings are all apart of Enfinity Swim Club where they participate in additional meets.

    As Echols looks to the future he is hoping to swim in college,  get a good education and go into politics.

   “Politics have always interested me and I think it’s something that I would definitely like to go into as a career” said Echols.

  Todd really enjoys the swim team at Reynolds and the team is really close and are really good friends.

  “I love swimming for Reynolds because of the team. Getting to swim and cheer for your teammates on Reynolds makes the meets even more fun. The Reynolds swim team is such a close group and we always have a good time.”