Student Lot Shenanigans

Anson Walldorf, Staff Writer

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By Anson Walldorf

Two weeks before school began, I joyfully pulled my 2013 Toyota Corolla into the RJ Reynolds student parking lot. I went into the main office to return old books that I had never returned, or read, from previous years so I could receive my 2018-2019 RJR parking pass. When I received my parking pass, my heart dropped.

   For years the RJR parking lot has been known for having a junior lot and a senior lot. The senior lot, of course, has always been the lot closest to the school. However, all of that has changed.

   This year, RJR assigned parking spots based on when students came to buy their parking passes. RJR also assigned individual spots, which is something that is new to all RJR students.

   I have faithfully attended RJR for over three years, I have driven to RJR and parked my car in the parking lot for more than two and a half years. The whole time I have expected to get the privilege of parking in front of the school.

   That did not happen and I am parking in the same area that I parked in as a sophomore. Now I have to make the long sweaty trek from parking spot 107 all the way to the school.

   It is painful as a senior, to walk from the farthest parking lot and see juniors and sophomores with better spots than seniors. Getting out of your car and seeing Wise Halverson, a junior, with a better spot than you is heartbreaking every time.

   I am not the only senior outraged by the new parking. Numerous seniors have tried to retake the senior lot, but were given parking violation warnings and tickets.

   “This years parking is to the chum bucket, as last years parking is to the Krusty Krab,” senior Harry Capizzi said.

    Capizzi has been one of the seniors most active in trying to restore the parking system of previous year and has received multiple parking violations and has shown no signs of stopping.

   Other seniors have been more welcoming and open-minded to the new parking system. Especially as we have gotten past the beginning of the school year.

   “At first it was a pain, but I guess it is more organized now” fellow senior Andrew Petersen said.

   It has been a virtually impossible task to find a senior that totally agrees with the new parking system of RJR. However, some have been more grateful to have a spot than others.

   “I am glad to have a spot but as a senior I feel like I should be able to park closer to the school. Therefore I disagree with the assigned parking spots,” senior Jackson Davis said.

   Ultimately, I challenge RJR to change the parking system for future years. I want the future seniors of RJR get to an experience that I never got. The current system is something that no senior should ever have to endure.